Why the Insurance Industry Will Never Be the Same After the Mirai DDoS Attack

Guest Blog from Pascal Millaire, Symantec

 We are entering a new era for global insurers, where business interruption claims are no longer confined to a limited geography, but can simultaneously impact seemingly disconnected insureds globally. This creates new forms of systemic risks that could threaten the solvency of major insurers if they do not understand the silent and affirmative cyber risks inherent in their portfolios.  

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Responsible, Coordinated & Ethical Vulnerability Disclosures

As a participant of NTIA’s multi-stakeholder vulnerability working group and an attendee to this week’s meeting in DC, I was impressed by the level of collaboration and sharing of best practices.  Progress is encouraging.

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Don’t Be a Tool – Verifying Subscriptions and Honoring Unsubscribes

This summer the email marketing industry suffered a setback due to “list bomb” attacks in which thousands of targeted users were unknowingly subscribed to tens of thousands of mailings. In these attacks, ESP infrastructure and highly-reputed brands were used as a means to effectively create a “denial of service” against user inboxes, and email originating from many ESPs and brands was blocked by Spamhaus until the situation was better understood. Could this have been prevented?

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So you’ve had a data breach, now what?

Companies, organizations and agencies that hold and transmit people’s personal information should keep it reasonably secure from unauthorized access and use. But what if there is a data breach that exposes the information? How should the breached entity help those affected? Should it offer them identity theft services?

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Drones - Privacy, Transparency and Accountably

Today a multi-stakeholder group convened by the U.S.

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Driving Trust with the 2016 Online Trust Audit

The 2016 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll shines a light on trust in security, privacy and consumer protection practices, recognizing excellence and leadership while highlighting key areas for improvement.

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FCC Chairman Takes Position on Privacy & Broadband Providers

Earlier this month FCC Chairman Wheeler released a draft fact sheet and Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), identifying several key concerns regarding consumer privacy and the use of their data. In response, OTA submitted written comments to the Commission Update on March 31 the FCC Commisioners voted 3 to 2 to move forward on the NPRM.

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