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Blog posts for June 2014

Msft Kills Security Emails in Response to Canadian Laws

In a move that may wind up helping spammers, Microsoft is blaming a new Canadian anti-spam law for the company’s recent decision to stop sending regular emails about security updates for its Windows operating system and other Microsoft software.
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Data Breach Bill Draft Delayed

FTC enforcement has slowed efforts to release a draft of Rep. Lee Terry's data breach bill. Terry has not able to get the consensus he'd hoped for. Republicans have historically strayed away from handing more controls to the FTC, which is pushing for more authority to combat the rising threat of data theft and malvertising.

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Senate Cybersecurity Information Sharing Bill

Senators from the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday introduced a draft of a bill meant to remove barriers for private companies to share data with Federal agencies. Senate Intelligence Chairman Dianne Feinstein and ranking member Saxby Chambliss have been working together for over a year to come up with a bill that they believe is both comprehensive enough to remove legal barriers to data sharing, while protecting against legitimate privacy concerns (by requiring the removal of PII and several other measures).

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2014 Honor Roll - Twitter & American Greetings Take Top Honors

Only 30 Percent of Top Consumer Websites Rated Trustworthy in Online Trust Alliance Report American Greetings, Netflix, Twitter and Walmart Take Top Scores in Security and Privacy for 2014 Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll.
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U.S. SEC official urges broader cyber-attack disclosure

Public companies that are victims of cyber attacks consider disclosing additional information beyond what's required to help protect customers. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission member Luis Aguilar made his plea to public companies and their boards in a speech at the New York Stock Exchange. "It is possible that a cyber-attack may not have a direct material adverse impact on the company itself, but that a loss of customers' personal and financial data could have devastating effects on the lives of the company's customers and many Americans. Should ad networks who experience malvertising have the same reporting requirements?
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Malvertising Campaign Targets 2014 FIFA World Cup Fans

No surprise, we are seeing increased targeting of specific sites tied to world events via malvertising. This is right from the phishing playbook, relevance and waiting at the “watering hole” targeting unsuspecting site visitors. Same actors, same tactics just expanding exploits to fertile ground. As a follow up from last months Senate Hearing, what can we do to help restore integrity in online ads and get trade groups to take this threat seriously?
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OTA Supports Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014

OTA today issued public support of S. 2171, the "Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014”. S. 2171 is an important bill to help ensure consumer protection, while not stifling legitimate usage or innovation by business or law enforcement. It includes important changes reflecting input of industry and consumer stakeholders, notably liability cap and increased flexibility in compliance mechanisms. Equally as important are the provisions preserving the rights of State Attorney Generals in enforcing any stronger, state statute. We endorse the Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014 and urge others to support this critical bill. Share your thoughts and feedback.
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White House Issues Request for Comments on Big Data

NTIA put out a request for comment today on the impact of so-called big data on the Obama administration's 2012 Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights
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Increasing Security & Trust on Mobile Apps

Can you trust the mobile apps being hosted by Apple, Google & Microsoft? Faced with increasing number of malicious and privacy infringing apps, the apps store model is at risk. In the absence of security testing, validating the reputation of publishers and review of data privacy practices, cybercriminals and fradulent businesses are increasingly focusing on mobile apps and platforms.
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