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Blog posts for September 2014

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp vs Google - A war of words

The anxiety and class between major publishers and content providers vs dominate market players including Google is at an all time high. In News Corp's submission to the EU it asserts that Google is a “platform for piracy and the spread of malicious networks” and “a company that boasts about its ability to track traffic [but] chooses to ignore the unlawful and unsavory content that surfaces after the simplest of searches”.   Share your thoughts and perspectives.  Are such claims legitimate?   See

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Online Publishers Push For Trust

As we head towards National Cybersecurity Awareness month, publishers and increasingly businesses are pushing back and blocking data collection by Facebook and others, while others are blocking ads outright. Leading publishers are now calling for the support of "Do Not Track" as they are finding their brands and users are being compromised and marginalized by dominate market players, impacting consumer confidence and trust of online content.
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Putting Trust Back Into the Inbox

In recognition of the decade since CAN-SPAM went into effect, businesses, industry and trade industry organizations committed to meaningful self-regulation join forces to help enhance trust in email marketing and raise the bar from compliance to user-centric stewardship. OTA calls for others to join the effort and help put trust into the inbox!
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