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Blog posts for October 2014

Advertiser Vetting Reveals Chinese Counterfeiting Ring

Counterfeit products are prevalent throughout the digital marketplace, deceiving consumers, infringing on major brands, and damaging site reputations. However, because of the complexity of the advertising placement process, many ads for counterfeit goods still make their way through ad networks and onto reputable publisher sites.

Passage of Data Breach Legislation

With the rapid surge in data breaches impacting millions of households this year, OTA was optimistic on the possible passage of data breach legislation.  Unfortunately it is appearing very unlikely we will see any such legislation, driven in part by the partisan efforts and trade groups who are focused on protecting their business member's short-term interests and consumer advocates who appear to be unwilling to compromise.  OTA continues to be a voice of reason advocating a framework modeled off of CAN-SPAM and COPPA, providing businesses with clarity and ease of report

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Sen Franken Calls DOJ to Shut Down Stalking Apps

Sen. Al Franken is pushing the Justice Department to do more to protect smartphone users from "stalking apps" that surreptitiously track their targets. In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, Franken noted the department's work on the issue - including the recent indictment of a man who operated one spyware app, StealthGenie - but said it needs to go further. OTA supports this effort. Share your views and interest in signing on in support of this effort. Read more >
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