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Blog posts for May 2015

OTA Response to NTIA StakeHolder Engagement in Cybersecurity

Collectively we believe multi-stakeholder efforts must be open, transparent and develop consensus by providing an equitable and fair opportunity for interested parties to participate.  Processes need to be established to help keep discussions, priorities and scope from being dominated by special interest and dominate market players.  We believe a facilitated led process will effectively drive the formation of best practices to allow us to improve the security, stability and resiliency of Internet.

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Wearables; the Next Fashion Statement

Do consumers know the true price they may be paying? Innovation in personal connected devices, aka the Internet of Things (IoT), has the enticing promise of enabling consumers with a wide range of function and benefits. These advancements are leap frogging what we have realized from smartphones and mobile apps. We are a data driven society and economy, and increasingly conscious of the opportunity the data these devices can provide. Wearables and cross device tracking can provide significant insights into the lives, behaviors and tastes of consumers than ever before. Done right the vendors, marketers, retailers and consumers can equally benefit. As companies who are rushing to the market are they considering the consequences and responsibilities when consumers entrust them with their data. If the past news headlines are an indicator of the future, one might say no.
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