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Blog posts for August 2015

An Open Letter to The Presidential Candidates

As campaigns ramp up for candidates, political parties and super PACs, it is time for politicians to think about the privacy, security and sensitivity of the information their donors and constituents entrust to them.  The nation has been alarmed by data collection practices in the public and private sector, including those of the NSA.  Now candidates must examine their own practices.  Digital data is the lifeblood of the economy but it is being exploited daily by cyber-criminals and state sponsored actors placing America at the crossroads of a trust meltdown, underscoring the

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Back To School Basics

As we are getting ready for “back to school” it is a reminder of the need to get back to the basics and the importance of consumer centric security and privacy enhancing best practices.  The recent Wyndham dispute with the Federal Trade Commission and Spotify’s privacy policy snafu serve as stark reminders of these concerns.

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