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Behavioral Advertising Might Not Be As Crucial As You May Think or Is it?

What is the impact to the industry of behavioral targeting or internet based advertising?  Can we delineate the facts vs conflated sound bites?  This debate is not new, but the article referenced below and recently Digital Advertising Alliance’s released study, adds insights and perhaps fuels the debate.   

As many view the industry is encountering a race to the bottom on ad pricing with increased reliance on programmatic ad buying and excess ad inventory being sold a bargain rates via ad exchanges, the big question is what is the real economic impact of contextual vs interest based advertising?  In a this week's Ad Age, Jason Kint reviewed the Digital Advertising Alliance's study that promised to support why these ads, that are dependent on the infamous "third-party cookie", are so vital to the lifeblood of our web. 

As with sponsored research, one must keep the data and methodology in perspective.  As both a consumer and past advertiser, I personally value Interest based advertising, providing that a site respects preferences to not be tracked or not to have their data collected.   Share your thoughts.