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Best Practices to Unsubscibe & Opt-Out

Share your best practices to enable users to easily opt-out of email.  OTA is now evaluating the top 200 ecommerce sites for their support of user centric unsub practices, moving beyond the minimal requirements of CAN-SPAM and CASL.  Thanks to the collaborative input from the email marketing community including Listrak, eHarmony, Twitter, Publishers Clearing House, Microsoft, Coles / Flybuys, eBay, Meetme.com, Lashback, Silverpop, Optizmo and others.  Share your thoughts (Feedback has been posted under best practices)

  1. Opt out copy and link should be "clear and conspicuous".

  2. Use standard and commonly understand terms  Avoid terms which are not obvious and may be perceived to attempt to obfuscate things.

  3. Easily read by recipients of all ages and on all devices. 

  4. Provide the opportunity to opt out of all email, not just the specific email program that they clicked the link on.

  5. Make your links be operative for a period of no less than 60 days

  6. Direct users to a combination preference center/unsubscribe page. Again, don't obfuscate the unsubscribe language or process.

  7. Create an "opt-down" option.  Sending a user less mail is better then none!

  8. Eliminate the confusion generated by an unbranded page.  Make it clear that visitors are in the right place.

  9. Serve a confirmation web page of the unsubscribe process, but NEVER send a confirming email!

  10. Remove names without delay - Why wait 10 days when they do not want your email and risk being flagged as spamming?

  11. Include the "Unsubscribe Header" in all of your email 

  12. Learn from Your Mistakes - Use feedback to improve your email marketing campaigns and prevent future opt-outs.

  13. Test your processes and use "Feedback Loop Data" from mailbox providers.