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Data Privacy & Protection Day - Breach Legislation

OTA’s 2015 Data Privacy & Protection Day Town Halls attracted over 500 attendees, including leading experts in public policy, privacy and security. In each city, a fireside chat with an FTC Commissioner kicked off each Town Hall including Commissioner McSweeney with OTA President Craig Spiezle in Silicon Valley, followed by Commissioners Ohlhausen and Brill in NYC and DC respectively. View the Video Highlights

A highlight of DdP was OTA’s briefing of Congressional staffers where the merits of Federal data breach legislation was discussed. In a standing room only event sponsored by Representatives Rush (D) and Barton (R), OTA discussed key issues including the concept of “safe harbor” for companies demonstrating adoption of security enhancing and breach containment best practices, the importance of Federal legislation preempting state laws, and providing the right of State Attorney General enforcement.

During the briefing, Business leaders expressed concern with Federal legislation stating if it were designed as a minimal standard where states would have the flexibility of enforcing higher standards it would only complicate the landscape and make it worse than it is today.  At the same time security and ID theft experts urged notification to be required for any combination of user names/passwords and that notification occur ASAP, or at least within 30 days upon discovery of a data loss incident.  Key messages delivered during the Town Halls included the importance of self-regulation, breach readiness planning, contextual user notices, threat data sharing and the need to shift from a compliance mindset to responsible privacy practices and commitment to data stewardship.   More >