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Email Capture at Retail Point of Sale - Call for Best Practices

As we head towards the holiday buying season and increasingly retailers are multi channel, questions regarding email collection at point of sale are being raised.  Collection at time of purchase provides significant benefits to the retailer and done right the same for the consumer.  That said, how can a consumer understand what and how the email is being used?   What forms of notice are appropriate and is it reasonable a sales clerk can understand the nuances of data collection, transactional purposes and sharing with affiliate or unaffiliated third parties? 

In light of these and other issues, OTA has issued a call for public comments on best practices to be released prior to the start of the Q4 Holiday buying season.  OTA is looking for comments on the following questions to be submitted by September 15th by 5 PM Pacific.   Questions email admin@otalliance.org or post to this blog online.

  1. Should such email addresses collected at retail be use be limited to distributing and looking up sales receipts?
  2. What are the consumer benefits?
  3. What is appropriate notice for promotional mailing limited to the retailer?  Should these be opt-in or opt out?
  4. Is it reasonable to only limit collection for transactional mails and product specific email pertaining to the specific item(s) purchased such as recalls or product updates?
  5. Should they be used to activate product warranty?  What if the item is a gift?
  6. What is appropriate notice?
  7. Should the email receipt confirmation be the place to solicit permission to opt into other mailings?
  8. Can you suggest a retailer who might be an example of a best practice and others with "room for improvement"?
  9. What are the implication to customers who may be minors?
  10. Are there issues pertaining to accessibility?
  11. Are there related best practices and voluntarily codes of conduct to retail email collection?
  12. Legal and regulatory considerations
  13. Related resources
  14. How might these practices be audited?
  15. Other Comments

Send your comments with your contact information and phone number to admin@otalliance.org.  Unless agreed upon in advance, all submissions become the property of OTA and submissions may be posted as public record.