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Joining forces to ring the bell on companies evading online trust

Recently the Online Publishers Association (OPA), wrote a insightful commentary in the WSJ regarding online trust and privacy.   Jason Kint chief executive of the OPA wrote, "Let’s ring the bell on companies that are evading trust and threatening the relationships we have built with consumers. And instead of condoning an ecosystem where unknown third parties lurk behind the scenes tracking with little transparency, let’s give consumers a simple, lasting choice like Do Not Track, as simple and ubiquitous as a “Like.”   

He states "trust in the ad marketplace is crucial, but an epidemic lack of transparency has led to disharmony and devaluation of the experience for all parties in the digital ecosystem....  If we truly want to open up the relationship among these three major stakeholders, we must insist on developing trust through respect and transparency. These critical relationships are currently being strained by fraud, measurability inconsistencies, weak privacy controls and countless other complex issues. In a world in which innovation, automation and efficiency are accelerating, and the transfer of personal data happens in a click, trust is more critical now than ever."

OTA applauds OPA's position and courage to stand up to do the right things.   I encourages other to join the trust movement.   Share your thoughts!