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Mobilizing for Privacy on Campus - Mozilla Seeking Volunteers & Mentors!

Do you have privacy knowledge and a passion to work with students?  Or are you a college student with a passion to spread the word about privacy to your fellow students and beyond?  Mozilla’s new Take Back the Web Campaign may be for you.

Recently Mozilla launched a call for volunteers to help lead a Take Back the Web Campaign at universities around the world. The campaign is built on student leaders and mentors who will work together to raise awareness and empower other students to make choices about how their personal information is used online.

The goal of the campus privacy campaign is to first make students more aware of their privacy-related behaviors and the privacy-related behaviors of the people around them by starting conversations.  Teams will then work to help students understand their choices to ultimately change behavior and take control of their online lives. Other teams will work to build the technology that can help. The campaign will also provide insights about which privacy & security issues are important/exciting to students on their campuses and build an action-oriented community.  

By focusing on three impact areas, the campaign is designed to appeal to a variety of students and mentors, with activities ranging from conducting privacy workshops, to surveys and hacking.

  • Start Conversations. Institutional policies impact our lives in seen and unseen ways. Volunteers will investigate privacy and security issues on campus to spark awareness and start conversations. Teams will work to better understand the on campus landscape and shape the conversation around privacy and security.
  • Build Technology. Privacy should be built into the programs we use. Volunteers will use technology to help make privacy and security accessible to all. Teams will strengthen the browser by hacking on challenging Firefox bugs and participate in challenges to design and create new technologies.
  • Change Behavior. People are not powerless. If individuals know the risks and some simple actions that make an impact, they can take charge of their own privacy. Volunteers will educate people to change the way they understand and control their data online. Teams will organize and facilitate workshops that give people the tools to build habits that keep them in control online.

Applications are now open for volunteer campus co-leads (2-5 students on a campus ready to work in a team) and local coaches (people willing to mentor one or more campus teams in their area). Mozilla will provide training, resources, and support for volunteers.  The skills you’ll both bring and further develop can include event management/coordination, marketing/promotion, development/programming, recruiting, facilitating/presenting, research, and community building. 

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the Take Back the Web wiki and website. Applications for student volunteers and mentors are open now through April 15th.