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Moving to a World of Trusted IoT Devices & Services

Today represents a significant milestone, the release of the “last call” of the IoT Trust Framework.  For the past 8 months the IoT Trustworthy working group has been meeting, debating and sharing insights into criteria which today has formed the IoT Trust framework.  Over the next three weeks we will be soliciting input and reviewing feedback to integrate into what promises to be the foundation for an IoT trustworthy code of conduct and future certification programs. 

While perfection is often the enemy of such multi-stakeholder efforts, the work to-date represents a tremendous level of pragmatic and achievable criteria.   While much work lies ahead and we need to bring others into the fold, this vendor and technology neutral effort speaks to the commitment of the working group to address keys issues, concerns and risks, while promoting innovation.   We welcome device manufacturers, app developers, platform providers and retailers to the table.  Join us on November 18th at the IoT Trust Summit in Washington DC. Register Today