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OTA Drops Out of NTIA Multistakeholder Process

Today OTA announced with regret it was withdrawing support of the multi-stakeholder process convened by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to develop a voluntary code of conduct pertaining to facial recognition technology.  We commend the efforts of NTIA staff including John Verdi and others who have brought to the table a wide range of subject matter experts for us to learn from over the past 16 months.  Regrettably here has been little meaningful progress and it has become clear that we will be unable to reach consensus on fundamental issues including providing consumers notice, choice and control.  Not unlike how many trade groups approached Do Not Track and advertising opt out cookies, users today have little control on their data and privacy. 

Our door is open to re-engage those who are committed to meaningful consumer protections which we believe will be in the best long term interests to the industry, promoting innovation and economic growth. 

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