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Sony - It is not about the movie!

Sony - It is not about a movie. It is an attack on our sovereign nation

It is no longer the threat from ballistic missiles, our physical borders or hijacked airplanes.  It is the Internet, the fabric of our lives and economy.

The recent chain of events with Sony reflects a tipping point for our society and economy. Some might assign blame to Sony for the systematic failure in adopting a security culture, yet we need to realize there is no perfect security.  Others may point to the government for its failure to protect us, while others are calling for responsible journalism to prevent the dissemination of private emails and exploiting the incident for advertising profits.

To be clear this is not about a movie.   The real issue is how this has allegedly turned into State sponsored terrorism, compromising free speech, intellectual property and most importantly online trust and the sovereignty of nations throughout the world.  This is about the suppression of speech and creativity.   This is an attack on our society, on our economy. 

What is to stop any country the next time it does not like something a company or its executives do?   What member of the “Axis of Evil” will be next to act and what will be the impact to our Nation’s critical infrastructure?    After Sony in the interest of public safety caved to the demands of the hackers, who else will be victimized?  We are already seeing the advertising infrastructure compromised by malvertising, tarnishing the trust and integrity of online ads which fuels the vast majority of online content.   

As our dependence on the Internet for our economy deepens and the proliferation of the Internet of Things increases, what is next?    

We must take a holistic view and embrace security.  This not the role of IT or the security group within an organization.  It must be  the role of every employee and every executive.  We must bolster our defenses.  We must put in systems and operational practices to help prevent and detect breaches.  We must contain them and most importantly we must be prepared for a breach.  OTA is here to help. We have resources and a comprehensive readiness guide to help defend and be prepared.   This is an issue for which we all must join arms to fight.  Will our ATMs be next?  Will our car ignition switch be next?    

We must form and embrace public / private partnerships and increase the sharing of threat intelligence both within our industry and with law enforcement.  Every employee must become a first responder and raise the alarm and drive a threat assessment within their own role and organization.  Until then these threats will continue to flourish.