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Is Your Smart Home Outsmarting You?

My wife and I recently bought a new house that is equipped with a smart technology to control the thermostat, garage door and driveway gate.  All of these handy features can be controlled from an app on my iPhone and it got me thinking about the potential privacy and security risks that might be lurking in those smart devices, apps and appliances in my home.  When we took ownership of the home, the installer for the cable provider told me to keep my modem username and password the default he had set in order for the company to provide updates.  It surprised me to say the least that a company would give out such guidance knowing what a vulnerability it might be. Good thing I know better, but other Smart Home owners may not. 

As we enjoy the benefits of a connected lifestyle, we must not lose sight of the risks Smart Home technology may pose to our privacy and physical safety.  As evidenced by some privacy practices and recent vulnerabilities with smart cars, TV’s and baby monitors, consumers need to be aware of and manage smart devices in their homes.

The Online Trust Alliance and the National Association of Realtors collaborated to put together a checklist for consumers who are buying or renting a home with “smart” features. There are a number of things a home buyer and seller must do to complete a home purchase and we think following these recommendations will help consumers better protect their data, privacy and identity from falling into the hands of cybercriminals and data being sold to the highest bidder.  Read More >