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Big Data & Data Brokers – Time to Become Data Stewards!

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes ran a story on data brokers and the impact of data collection that is occurring cross platforms, devices and sites. While OTA agrees consumers receive a great deal of benefit from ad supported services, the average consumer does not understands how this data is being collected and shared. While privacy policies may state this and apps may disclose these practices, in general they are not intuitive or comprehendible to the average consumer or small business.

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Criticality of Sharing Threat Intelligence & Removing Obstacles

OTA Executive Director Craig Spiezle participated in a panel with IID and industry leaders at RSA discussing the significance of sharing threat intelligence data.  This video underscores the importance of sharing data across industries as well as a two-way exchange with the public and private sectors.  Often one sector may observe a threat which may be an early warning to others.  At RSA, OTA briefed White House staff on the importance of government sharing data with the private sector while working to remove legal and liability barriers.

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Behavioral Advertising Might Not Be As Crucial As You May Think or Is it?

What is the impact to the industry of behavioral targeting or internet based advertising?  Can we delineate the facts vs conflated sound bites?  This debate is not new, but the article referenced below and recently Digital Advertising Alliance’s released study, adds insights and perhaps fuels the debate.   

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2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide Released.

Today the OTA released the 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide. 89% of breach are avoidable and in 2013 the number of disclosed credit cards increased 6-fold. More at https://otalliance.org/breach.html
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