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Drones - Privacy, Transparency and Accountably

Today a multi-stakeholder group convened by the U.S.

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Driving Trust with the 2016 Online Trust Audit

The 2016 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll shines a light on trust in security, privacy and consumer protection practices, recognizing excellence and leadership while highlighting key areas for improvement.

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FCC Chairman Takes Position on Privacy & Broadband Providers

Earlier this month FCC Chairman Wheeler released a draft fact sheet and Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), identifying several key concerns regarding consumer privacy and the use of their data. In response, OTA submitted written comments to the Commission Update on March 31 the FCC Commisioners voted 3 to 2 to move forward on the NPRM.

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Mobilizing for Privacy on Campus - Mozilla Seeking Volunteers & Mentors!

Do you have privacy knowledge and a passion to work with students?  Or are you a college student with a passion to spread the word about privacy to your fellow students and beyond?  Mozilla’s new Take Back the Web Campaign may be for you.

Recently Mozilla launched a call for volunteers to help lead a Take Back the Web Campaign at universities around the world. The campaign is built on student leaders and mentors who will work together to raise awareness and empower other students to make choices about how their personal information is used online.

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IoT Trust Framework Released - Momentum Growing

The Online Trust Alliance’s IoT Trust Framework is rapidly evolving to be the foundation of an international effort to integrate security, privacy and sustainability in IoT devices and services. Developed over the past twelve months, the Framework represents collective input from over 100 organizations who, through a multi-stakeholder process, established a baseline Framework of 30 essential criteria.

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RSA 2016 Recap

2016 marked the second consecutive year where OTA was named as an industry sponsor for the RSA Conference.  OTA's participation included a range of member and press briefings and activities. Highlights included the RSA member meet-up and "Blended Intelligence" reception at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, organized by IID/Infoblox.  In partnership with OTA founding members IID, TRUSTe and ThreatWave, the reception was noted as one of the best RSA events to connect, network and collaborate. 

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To Email or Not to Email?

Keep your brand off the spam list through best practices in honoring unsubscribes. Email marketing remains a vibrant channel to interact with customers, and the better you respect customers’ wishes, the better engagement you’ll have.

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Trust and Taxes

Tax season.  It's that time again for taxpayers and cybercriminals. While earners work to complete their 1040s, criminals tune their tax fraud campaigns with increased sophistication. Reputable companies are being victimized, tarnishing their brands and impacting their business models, employees and shareholders.  In today’s world knowing who you can trust is crucial to navigating the tax season -- but sadly, many companies are failing security fundamentals, consumer protection and responsible privacy practices.

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Getting Ready for the 2016 Online Trust Audit

Updated - February 15, 2016

Got Trust?  The Online Trust Audit continues to serve as benchmark of security, privacy and consumer protection best practices for organizations throughout the world.  Consistent with OTA's view such standards and practices need to continually evolve to reflect the threat landscape, new standards and regulatory requirements, this year's methodology and scoring is being updated.

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Donor Data; the New Currency for Presidential Candidates, Time for ethical data privacy practice

Voter data is the new currency and candidates are reaping the rewards targeting voters and ultimately determining who will be the next President. As we have transformed into a data driven society and economy this may be expected. But the candidate’s privacy and data practices in both the news headlines and in the backroom are not.  As we head into the State primaries and caucuses, this data is proving to be invaluable.

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