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Top Ten Practices: Correct Collection Leads to Improved Connection

For the past several years, marketers have been capturing email addresses at brick-and-mortar locations. As we approach another holiday buying season there will likely be a bump in this practice. The immediate value driver for the consumer is typically an electronic receipt, which is certainly a convenience, but the practice also helps brands to connect with customers. There are tradeoffs, however.

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It Sees You When You're Sleeping, It Knows When You're Awake

I love my fitness tracker.  Not only does it affirm me (I met my today’s goal!), it also supports my inner narrative (of course I’m cranky – I slept badly last night… be nice to me).  Last holiday season it was the gift I didn’t even know I wanted until I got it.  This year, we’re both older and wiser. Trust in our relationship has shifted from blind innocence to practical, mature action.  I’ve come to realize more and more about how my device gathers, transmits and stores reams of personal data on me and my habits.

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Why We Need an IoT Framework

We already suspected our smart TVs were ‘watching’ our viewing behavior and sharing data with advertising and television business partners.  Now, our smart TVs can open our homes to criminals. 

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Moving to a World of Trusted IoT Devices & Services

Today represents a significant milestone, the release of the “last call” of the IoT Trust Framework.  For the past 8 months the IoT Trustworthy working group has been meeting, debating and sharing insights into criteria which today has formed the IoT Trust framework.  Over the next three weeks we will be soliciting input and reviewing feedback to integrate into what promises to be the foundation for an IoT trustworthy code of conduct and future certification programs. 

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Is Your Smart Home Outsmarting You?

My wife and I recently bought a new house that is equipped with a smart technology to control the thermostat, garage door and driveway gate.  All of these handy features can be controlled from an app on my iPhone and it got me thinking about the potential privacy and security risks that might be lurking in those smart devices, apps and appliances in my home.  When we took ownership of the home, the installer for the cable provider to

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Does Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Make the Grade?

As the Presidential race kicks into high gear, voters are evaluating how candidates will tackle tough issues on foreign and domestic policy.  Let’s hope they don’t overlook topics relating to online privacy and security.  A recent Pew Research Center survey indicates that 74% of Americ

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An Open Letter to The Presidential Candidates

As campaigns ramp up for candidates, political parties and super PACs, it is time for politicians to think about the privacy, security and sensitivity of the information their donors and constituents entrust to them.  The nation has been alarmed by data collection practices in the public and private sector, including those of the NSA.  Now candidates must examine their own practices.  Digital data is the lifeblood of the economy but it is being exploited daily by cyber-criminals and state sponsored actors placing America at the crossroads of a trust meltdown, underscoring the

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Back To School Basics

As we are getting ready for “back to school” it is a reminder of the need to get back to the basics and the importance of consumer centric security and privacy enhancing best practices.  The recent Wyndham dispute with the Federal Trade Commission and Spotify’s privacy policy snafu serve as stark reminders of these concerns.

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The Demise of Online Advertising As We Know it

Updated 8-4-15

Recent news is troubling as the tide has clearly turned on the online advertising community.  As I outlined nearly five years ago, the failure of the industry to put in place meaningful controls and consumer choice regarding data collection AND stem the tide of malicious advertising will bring about a “tragedy of the advertising commons”. 

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Q&A with OTA – Creating an IoT Trust Framework

Guest Blog from Global Sign - I’m excited to have a guest on today’s blog – Craig Spiezle, the Executive Director and President of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). The OTA is well known for its online security initiatives, including Data Privacy and Protection Day and the annual Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll, and earlier this year announced it was expanding its sights to the Internet of Things (IoT).


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