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Email Capture at Retail Point of Sale - Call for Best Practices

As we head towards the holiday buying season and increasingly retailers are multi channel, questions regarding email collection at point of sale are being raised.  Collection at time of purchase provides significant benefits to the retailer and done right the same for the consumer.  That said, how can a consumer understand what and how the email is being used?   What forms of notice are appropriate and is it reasonable a sales clerk can understand the nuances of data collection, transactional purposes and sharing with affiliate or unaffiliated third partie

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OTA Opens Up Membership to IoT Working Group

Today the OTA Board of Directors has agreed to allow any interested party to become a member of the IoT Working Group without having to become a full member of the Online Trust Alliance.The goal is to bring many stakeholders to the table with a shared focus to establish best practices and a framework focused on security, privacy and sustainability.  All existing OTA member companies in good standing are granted membership at no-charge.  Working together we can help shape the future of the “internet of everything” while preserving consumer privacy and security, demonstrating a

OTA Drops Out of NTIA Multistakeholder Process

Today OTA announced with regret it was withdrawing support of the multi-stakeholder process convened by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to develop a voluntary code of conduct pertaining to facial recognition technology.  We commend the efforts of NTIA staff including John Verdi and others who have brought to the table a wide range of subject matter experts for us to learn from over the past 16 months.  Regrettably here has been little meaningful progress and it has become clear that we will be unable to reach consensus on fundamental i

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OTA Response to NTIA StakeHolder Engagement in Cybersecurity

Collectively we believe multi-stakeholder efforts must be open, transparent and develop consensus by providing an equitable and fair opportunity for interested parties to participate.  Processes need to be established to help keep discussions, priorities and scope from being dominated by special interest and dominate market players.  We believe a facilitated led process will effectively drive the formation of best practices to allow us to improve the security, stability and resiliency of Internet.

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Wearables; the Next Fashion Statement

Do consumers know the true price they may be paying? Innovation in personal connected devices, aka the Internet of Things (IoT), has the enticing promise of enabling consumers with a wide range of function and benefits. These advancements are leap frogging what we have realized from smartphones and mobile apps. We are a data driven society and economy, and increasingly conscious of the opportunity the data these devices can provide. Wearables and cross device tracking can provide significant insights into the lives, behaviors and tastes of consumers than ever before. Done right the vendors, marketers, retailers and consumers can equally benefit. As companies who are rushing to the market are they considering the consequences and responsibilities when consumers entrust them with their data. If the past news headlines are an indicator of the future, one might say no.
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Bulding for the future - OTA is looking to build our team

This year OTA has accomplished a great deal and as we are about to embark on our 10th year of operation we are looking to build out our team with smart, energetic and passionate individuals.  OTA plays a pivotal role in both the public and private sectors and we need to build for the future.   If you want to make a difference, lead, collaborate and learn from industry and market leaders we want to hear from you.   Got Trust?  Learn more >

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OTA Expands Board with Industry Experts

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) today announced the expansion of its board of directors, welcoming leaders in digital marketing, security, privacy and compliance.   Reflecting the diversity of our growing membership and the issues impacting business models, OTA welcomes David Fowler, Chief Privacy & Digital Compliance Officer at Act-On; Neill Feather, President of SiteLock, and Danny McPherson, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer at Verisign to the Board.Collectively, these new board members complement our existing extensive knowledge base that OTA members have ac

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Internet Policy Task Force Seeks Comment on Multistakeholder Process Addressing Key Cybersecurity Issues

NTIA and its Internet Policy Task Force (IPTF) is soliciting asked input on which topics would be most conducive to discussion by a wide range of stakeholders.  OTA encourages and welcomes input into this effort.  Reminder the deadline for comments is 5 PM eastern,  May 18, 2015. The RFI is soliciting input into the following:

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Certification Model for IoT

Following the exponential growth of the internet, mobile devices and applications, consumers worldwide are being presented with 1000’s of options and solutions purporting to support the promise of the connected home and wearable technologies.  Unfortunately with this rapid race to market, all too many of these products and services lack basic security and privacy considerations.  The implications range from identity theft and personal security compromises to consumer distrust with products being difficult to use and set up.  Regulators including the FTC and State Attorney Gen

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When Are Free Online Services Not Free – Are You Willing to Pay the Ultimate Price?

As more and more users throughout the world are enticed by free online services, it is a fact they do not consider what they are trading off in this exchange.  This point was illustrated in the movie "The Kingsman: The Secret Service". Without disclosing too much of the movie, the villain played by Samuel L. Jackson is an internet billionaire known for his philanthropy. He announces a giveaway of SIM cards, granting free cellular and Internet access to everyone around the world.

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