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Malvertising Campaign Targets 2014 FIFA World Cup Fans

No surprise, we are seeing increased targeting of specific sites tied to world events via malvertising. This is right from the phishing playbook, relevance and waiting at the “watering hole” targeting unsuspecting site visitors. Same actors, same tactics just expanding exploits to fertile ground. As a follow up from last months Senate Hearing, what can we do to help restore integrity in online ads and get trade groups to take this threat seriously?
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OTA Supports Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014

OTA today issued public support of S. 2171, the "Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014”. S. 2171 is an important bill to help ensure consumer protection, while not stifling legitimate usage or innovation by business or law enforcement. It includes important changes reflecting input of industry and consumer stakeholders, notably liability cap and increased flexibility in compliance mechanisms. Equally as important are the provisions preserving the rights of State Attorney Generals in enforcing any stronger, state statute. We endorse the Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014 and urge others to support this critical bill. Share your thoughts and feedback.
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White House Issues Request for Comments on Big Data

NTIA put out a request for comment today on the impact of so-called big data on the Obama administration's 2012 Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights
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Increasing Security & Trust on Mobile Apps

Can you trust the mobile apps being hosted by Apple, Google & Microsoft? Faced with increasing number of malicious and privacy infringing apps, the apps store model is at risk. In the absence of security testing, validating the reputation of publishers and review of data privacy practices, cybercriminals and fradulent businesses are increasingly focusing on mobile apps and platforms.
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Corporate Identity Theft: How Malware Threatens the World's Biggest Brands

Companies spend untold amounts to protect their brand names. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals and hackers are also investing in corporate brands. They have found it useful to hide behind the reputation of leading brands— by poisoning their websites with malware, hijacking or copycatting mobile apps, and exploiting on-line ads. Read more from OTA Member Elias Manousos, CEO of RiskIQ
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Do we Need to Re-Think How We Fight for Privacy?

A recent article was posted regarding the best approach to address the perceived mounting privacy issues. The author suggests that while most of us agree that privacy is important, unfortunately, advocates aren't focused.  In his words they "rant about a scattershot of real issues, conspiracy theories, half-truths, and aphorisms, and don't focus on how we actually fix things." Share your thoughts.  What action if any should OTA take to advance this concern?

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FTC Releases Report on Data Brokers

Today the FTC released the much-awaited report Data Broker report.  This report sheds light on nine data brokers, which collect consumer information for marketing and risk assessment purposes, and calls on Congress to pass legislation to make the industry more transparent.

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Best Practices to Unsubscibe & Opt-Out

Share your best practices to enable users to easily opt-out of email.  OTA is now evaluating the top 200 ecommerce sites for their support of user centric unsub practices, moving beyond the minimal requirements of CAN-SPAM and CASL.  Thanks to the collaborative input from the email marketing community including Listrak, eHarmony, Twitter, Publishers Clearing House, Microsoft, Coles / Flybuys, eBay, Meetme.com, Lashback, Silverpop, Optizmo and others.  Share your thoughts (Feedback has been posted under best practices)

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Federal Data Breach Legislation

A coalition of industry groups says it supports a national law requiring companies to notify consumers about data breaches -- but only when the breach “poses a significant risk” of identity theft or economic harm.
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Risks of Online Advertising and Malicious Ads

OTA Executive Director Craig Spiezle to testify on May 15th before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations regarding the emerging threats to consumers within the online advertising industry.
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