James Koons, Chief Privacy Officer of Listrak Appointed to OTA Board of Directors

Today the OTA Board of Directors appointed James Koons to the OTA Board, bringing expertise, leadership and a cross discipline knowledge of security, interactive marketing and privacy.

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Does BYOD mean Bring Your Own Device or Disasters?

Employees are accessing company information on their own personal computers or mobile devices, blurring the boundaries between work and home. As discussed on OTA’s recent BYOD Webinar, businesses should keep in mind the Three Ps; Parameters, Policies and Procedures. Establish the boundaries of what your employees can and cannot workwise on their mobile devices. Provide guidance on security & privacy settings on the device, considerations when downloading applications and remote wiping capabilities. Have a plan for stolen or lost devices.

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OTA Submits Comments to White House in Response to Big Data RFI

OTA applauds the Administration’s leadership and commitment in facilitating this multi-stakeholder discussion.  We share the mutual goal of maximizing big data’s benefits and the free flow of information while minimizing the privacy and related data security risks.  This goal requires government and business entities to become stewards of data, moving from a minimal compliance perspective to one that takes full account of consumer context and societal expectations. With big data, we have witnessed an unparalleled transformation of how information is collected, analyzed and used.

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Data Breach Legislation - Clarification regarding Senate Hearing

Following this week's Senate Commerce Committee Breach hearings led by Senator Rockefeller, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) issued a statement yesterday.  In retrospect this statement needs added context and clarity as outlined below.

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OTA Signs On In Support of Anti-Stalking Bill

Further demonstrating the need for consumer choice and control and responsible data collection, OTA has been working with the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to close loopholes that allow stalking applications to exist on women's and girls' smartphones and send their location information to third parties without their knowledge This fixes this problem by requiring all companies to get customers' permission before collecting their location data or sharing it with third parties. It also contains targeted provisions to protect against stalking apps. This is a common sense bill backed by the nation’s leading anti-domestic violence and consumer protection groups.
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OTA Issues Statement on Senator Rockefeller’s Target Data Breach Hearing

Online Trust Alliance (OTA) Executive Director, Craig Spiezle, issued the following statement in response to Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller’s comments on Target falling “far short” of protecting customers and preventing its 2013 data breach.  

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OTA Release 2014 Online Trust Honor Roll Methodology & Mobile App Best Practices

Today OTA released the 2014 Methodology for the Online Trust Audit and plans for the 2014 Honor Roll report.  In addition to new criteria and revised weighting, corresponding mobile apps of leading social and commerce brands will be evaluated.

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Industry Experts Compete at the Security, Data Protection & Privacy "Jeopardy"

The Roth Inventers Conference and Hogan Lovells hosted an interactive session last week in a "modified Jeopardy" show format.  Topics ranged from Privacy Law Basics and Snowden to name the elected official, Data Breaches and Mobile Privacy.  OTA Executive Director Craig Spiezle was joined by Fran Maier of TRUSTe, Christopher Wolf of Hogan Lovells, James Aquilina of Stroz Friedberg and others. Watch the video http://www.wsw.com/webcast/roth28/panel2/ (Registration required)

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Welcome New OTA Member Distill Networks

Founded in 2011, Distil Networks is a leading cloud security provider that blocks malicious bots, or automated computer programs, attacking your website. With a mission of making the web more secure, Distil Networks mitigates against duplicate content, improves SEO strength and accelerates the end-user experience – all while reducing infrastructure costs. The setup to stop bots is lightning–fast, secure, and completely transparent. Stop bot attacks with Distil Networks today.

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Big Data & Data Brokers – Time to Become Data Stewards!

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes ran a story on data brokers and the impact of data collection that is occurring cross platforms, devices and sites. While OTA agrees consumers receive a great deal of benefit from ad supported services, the average consumer does not understands how this data is being collected and shared. While privacy policies may state this and apps may disclose these practices, in general they are not intuitive or comprehendible to the average consumer or small business.

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