OTA Working Groups & Committees
OTA hosts various working groups and committees with the goal to develop best practices and foster collaboration promoting stewardship, security and responsible marketing and privacy practices.  Committee membership is open to all employees of OTA member companies in good standing and invited subject-matter-experts. All  member meetings and information is under the OTA Non-Disclosure membership agreement. Chatham House Rule applies to member discussions to encourage an open dialog and data sharing.  Below is summary of some of the key committees.  

Advertising & Content Integrity Working Group

The Advertising & Content Integrity working group works to enhance trust in online advertising and identity risks to the interactive advertising and content publishing ecosystems by developing and facilitating best practices. Key issues includes data tracking, click fraud, native advertising and malicious advertising or "malvertising".  Learn more >>

Data Protection & Breach Readiness Planning

Annual data breaches now top billions of exposed records and the growing data economy brings with is growing risk. The Data Protecion working group focuses on development and advancement of best practices and prescriptive advice to enhance data protection and promote data loss/breach incident planning.  A key deliverable of this committee is OTA's annual Data Protection Breach Readiness Guide, one of OTA's most popular reports. Learn more >>

Email Security & Integrity Committee

OTA recognizes the critical role email plays in today's online ecosystem. The Email Security & Integrity focuses on increasing the integrity and trust of legitimate email, while reducing spear phishing, spam and social engineering email exploits. The group works to promote adoption of email security, sending and authentication best practices for all classes of email senders and receivers including interactive marketers, ISPs, enterprise and government agencies. Key efforts including promoting the business and technical value of SPF, DKIM, DMARC and TLS. Learn more >>

Internet of Things (IoT)

OTA's IoT Vision: An IoT ecosystem built on trust and innovation by stakeholders who recognize safety, privacy and security are a matter of stewardship, thereby maximizing the long-term benefits to society.

Addressing the mounting concerns and collective impact of connected devices, the OTA established the IoT Trustworthy Working Group (ITWG), a multi-stakeholder initiative. The goals of the ITWG is to develop a framework, focusing on voluntary best practices in security, privacy and sustainability. Recognizing the potential broad scope of the “Internet of Everything” the initial focus is limited to two primary categories: 1) home automation and connected home products, and 2) wearable technologies; limited to health & fitness categories. Learn more >>

  • Fostering collaboration and convening a public-private dialog promoting the benefits and challenges of bringing "trusted" IoT devices and services to scale.
  • Creating a Trust Framework aiding in the development of public policy enhancing responsible data privacy and security practices, creating a platform for innovation.
  • Promoting the importance of self-regulation and codes of conduct addressing security, privacy and life-cycle risks and concerns.

Infrastructure & SSL Best Practices

The Infrastructure & SSL committee works to advance best practices to: protect critical infrastructure from exploits and vulnerabilities, increase resiliency, and support identity, authentication, brand protection, anti-fraud and trust mechanisms. The scope includes tracking adoption, highlighting both current and emerging best practices, developing business and technical value propositions and providing tools, outreach and resources to advance adoption. Learn more >>

Public Policy, Privacy & Legislation

Public policy is a key pillar of OTA and the Public Policy and Internet Governance committee works with industry, government, and consumer groups to educate stakeholders and promote adoption of best practices to enhance online safety, privacy and trust. Building on the OTA's founding mission and unique membership, the committee facilitates mutual respect, and effective communication and collaboration between all online stakeholders. Key tenets include fostering innovation in data protection, privacy and security; supporting multi-stakeholder efforts to promote best practices and meaningful self-regulation; and empowering users with the ability to control their data and make informed choices online. Learn more >>

Trust Audit Planning

This list is for OTA members who wish to participate in the planning of the annual Online Trust Audit including reviewing new criteria, evaluating automated tools and providing input in the weighting and scoring of data elements.  Now is its 9th year, the Audit is the only benchmark report published which holistically examines security, privacy and consumer protection best practices.  Companies who reach a combined score and meet the annual threshold are named to the Online Trust Honor Roll.  In 2016 over 1,000 sites were audited including leading sites in ecommerce, banking consumer services, media and government services, of which 50% were named to the Honor Roll.   Learn More >>