2012 OTA Forum

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  Technical & Operations Marketing, Privacy & Policy
1:30 Brand Protection Meets Email - Why you need DMARC - DMARC is bringing integrity to the email channel by allowing companies, organizations, and governments to finally treat email as a proper Brand Channel.  Learn how new visibility into the email channel can help you deploy controls rapidly and accurately, and how DMARC can protect you from domain hijacking. Experts will outline new functionality, describe best practices, and share how to get started with DMARC using free and easy-to-use resources.

Speakers: Tim Draegen, Ryan Boyd of Groupon, John Scarrow of Microsoft & Ken Takahashi of Return Path.

See Optional Thursday Email Authentication Academy

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Mobile Security & Privacy Best Practices - The convergence of mobile applications provide users a rich online experience that can be tailored to their interests and lifestyles while at the same time can impact user's privacy. This session will explore the regulatory environment and the  privacy and security design fundamentals for multi-channel marketers, application developers, and service providers who may collect, process and or store user's personal information.  Presenters will share tools, demos and sample packet captures highlighting data collection and business practices throughout the ecosystem including device vendors, carriers, ad networks and mobile apps.

Speakers: Morgan Reed of ACT, Jim Brock of Privacy Choice & Steven Roosa of Holland & Knight LLP.

(See Thursday Workshop)

Security by Design for Interactive Marketers.  Session will review the Security by Design Framework which OTA introduced in response to the increasing targeting of email service and cloud service providers.  In the wake of exploits experienced by leading sites, service providers and ISPs, discover the simple steps you can take to help protect your data and users.

Speakers: Steve Slater of Responsys, Mike Hammer of American Greetings Interactive, Mike Hillyer of Message Systems and John Whelan of ExactTarget.

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Making Sense of the Convergence of Privacy & Big Data - Big data is exploding, causing monumental changes in how personal information can be accessed and used online - through more pervasive and powerful mobile devices, emerging cloud services and the rapid growth of online behavioral advertising.  This session will explore the challenges and finding of recent research and best practices.

Speakers: Des Cahill of Ensighten, Chris Babel of TRUSTe and Aaron Weller of PwC.



Networking Break
3:40 Future of SSL Security & Site Optimization
Easy to Configure & Easy To Configure Wrong. Five easy steps to get an "A" grade. Session will review findings from the OTA Online Trust Index comparing implementation across multiple sectors and industries and discuss the importance of Always On SSL.

Speakers: Rick Andrews of Symantec, Ben Wilson of DigiCert and Bob Lord of Twitter.

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Breach & Data Loss - A First Responders POV - A must for all businesses. Recognizing you either have had a breach or will have one soon, what are the common mistakes that could have helped prevent the incident and what are the best practices to respond.

Speakers: Nicolas Cramer of AllClear ID, Tim Rohrbaugh of Intersections & Stephen Wu of Cooke Kobrick & Wu LLP.

More info on Data Loss & Breach Readiness Planning

4:40 Integrity of the Ad Supply Chain - Anti-Malvertising Best Practices  - A 360 view of the issues and solutions from the publisher, advertiser and network perspectives.  Review of best practices and latest tools to help secure the integrity of the ad supply chain.  Session to review the onboarding checklist and other efforts to help qualify new advertisers and agencies and help detect threats before they hit the user.

Speakers: Rizwan Husain of Symantec, Neil Daswani of Twitter, Elias Manousos of RiskIQ and Summer Koide of ZEDO.

More info on OTA's Anti-malvertising Initiative
Why Compliance is Not Enough.  What Would Your Mother Say? Organizations need to move beyond compliance to adopt a more proactive privacy posture. Necessitating this move is the scrutiny from media, regulators and consumers on corporate privacy practices and a general distaste for the use of personal information without shared value. In this environment companies that are able to design and communicate privacy practices that convey trust will have a more effective license to operating in the data economy.  Session will review top 10 tips to help sites mature their privacy and communication practices.

Speakers: Leigh Nakanishi of Edelman PR, Aaron Weller of PWC.  Moderated by Kashmir Hill of Forbes Magazine.
Optional Birds of Feather (BOFs) Meetings & Networking

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