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Data Privacy & Protection Day

Championing Data Privacy & Protection to Enhance Consumer Trust 

Data Privacy & Protection Day (DpD) recognizes the first data privacy directive signed on January 28, 1981.  Today DpD is 'celebrated' as Data Protection Day internationally and as Data Privacy Day in the United States, recognizing the importance of data protection and responsible privacy practices.   DpD is an international series of events bringing together public and private sector experts who provide prescriptive and actionable advice about data privacy and protection to the business community.  This year marks the 9th year OTA continued its international leadership in raising privacy and security awareness via hosting educational town halls, hands-on workshops and networking events.  

Supporting DpD, OTA publishes several the annual Cyber Incident & Breach Readiness Guide, Privacy and related tools to aid organizations in enhancing the protection of their data and being prepared for a data loss incident.  Reflecting the evolution of cybercrime beyond the traditional breach, the 2017 Guide has been broadened to include the wider impact of cyber incidents.  As defined by OTA researchers, incidents include unauthorized; 1) access to a system or device and its data,  2) extraction, deletion or damage to any form of data,  3) disruption of availability and/or integrity of any business operation, and/or 4) activities causing financial or reputational harm.

Register for the 2017 Congressional Staff DpD Lunch Briefing - January 31st

Data Protection & Privacy Day Press Release - OTA Incident Research and Release of Guide - coming soon!

February 7th Webinar

2016 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide (Visit on Jan 25th for the 2017 Guide)

2016 Data Privacy Breach Readiness Guide - Press Release January 26, 2016

More About Data Privacy Day 

IoT Security & Privacy Trust Framework

2015 Data Privacy Day Video Highlights including fireside chat with FTC Commissioner McSweeney.   Panel Security & Privacy Beyond Your Walls & Summary Tim Rohrbaugh, CISO Identity Guard; Josh Aberant, Postmaster, Twitter; Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe and Tim Fitzgerald, VP and Chief Security Officer, Symantec. Includes Town Hall wrap up by Craig Spiezle, Executive Director, Online Trust Alliance. 

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Security & Privacy Risk Assessment

Released January 21, 2015

Oct 26, 2016
Bloomberg BNA

Step away for a 90 second recess as Bloomberg BNA’s Jimmy H. Koo peppers Online Trust Alliance Executive Director and President Craig Spiezle with questions about privacy and security.

2016 Data Breach Guide - Significant Increase in Ransomware Extorting Businesses

Tue, Jan 26, 2016

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), today released its 2016 Data Protection and Breach Readiness Guide. The Guide, released in recognition of Data Privacy & Protection Day, provides prescriptive advice to help businesses optimize online privacy and security practices, and detect, contain and remediate the risk and impact of data loss incidents. OTA found that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting businesses with ransomware. 

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