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Vision - An IoT ecosystem built on trust and innovation, by prioritizing safety, privacy and security

The  Internet of Things (IoT) offer consumers, businesses, and governments across the globe countless benefits. As is true with most emerging technology, however, there remain some significant challenges. OTA believes that through leadership, innovation, and collaboration, we can overcome these challenges and create a safer and more trustworthy connected world. This requires a shared responsibility including industry embracing security and privacy by design and adopt responsible privacy practices.      

Key Resources

     Internet of Things (IoT) Trust Framework v2.5 - updated October 14, 2017
     Enterprise IoT Security Checklist - released April 17, 2018

     Smart Home Checklist, Advice for Buyers, Sellers & Renters - updated March 2017

     Securing the Internet of Things: A Collaborative & Shared Responsibility  - updated May 4, 2017
     IoT Vision for the Future White Paper 

Additional Resources and Background

     OTA Response to NTIA IoT Green Paper - March 13, 2017
     Summary of public submissions posted on NTIA Website 

     Coalition Embraces IoT Trust Principles - January 5, 2017

     RSA 2017 Internet of Insecurity Presentation - Self Regulation or Regulation February 15, 2017

     Statement for the House of Representatives "Understanding the Role of Connected Devices in Recent Cyber Attacks" - November 16, 2016

     OTA Blog - IoT Threats - What We Can Do Today & Tomorrow - November 15, 2016

Consumer Information & Resources
Checklists, recommendations, and resources to help improve security of your devices, and better protect your family’s personal data and privacy. Resources include tips to help optimize the security and privacy of your devices, considerations for purchasing connected devices and questions when buying or selling a smart home.

Industry Information & Resources
OTA is convener of a multi-stakeholder initiative to address public policy and technology issues impacting IoT devices.  Through this effort OTA released the IoT Trust Framework, a strategic set of foundational principles providing guidance for developers, device manufacturers, and service providers to help enhance the privacy, security, and life-cycle of their products.  To-date over 100 organizations including industry leaders, consumer and privacy advocates, testing organizations, academia, government agencies, and others have contributed to this effort. The working group's goal is to help promote best practices, embrace a self-regulatory code of conduct and help educate policy makers worldwide.