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Public Policy is a key pillar of OTA, working to foster the development of policy, legislative and regulatory efforts benefiting consumers while fostering innovation in data protection, privacy, security and identity theft. OTA supports multi-stakeholder efforts to promote best practices and meaningful self-regulation . OTA members receive weekly briefings and advice to help navigate the complexities and to move from compliance mindset to one of embracing stewardship.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Broadband Providers and Privacy - The FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding broadband consumers and transparency and control of their data. The call for public comment requested input on issues of data control including choice, transparency and security. OTA's respose applauds the efforts to enhance consumer privacy while promoting innovation. Key elements in OTA's comments cover scope, privacy disclosures, tracking, data breach response and security.

Rate Regulation & Internet Access - proposed legislation raises issues of inhibiting the FCC’s ability to carry out its statutory consumer protection obligations. In addition, the current version creates the potential for inequity where only the wealthy can afford privacy.

  • Joint Letter opposing H.R. 2666: “No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act” - April, 2016

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

Advancement of IoT - OTA is actively involved with the NTIA Internet Policy Taskforce efforts to review of the benefits, challenges, and potential roles for the government in fostering the advancement of the Internet of Things.  


White House Privacy in our Digital Lives

White House white paper outlining privacy considerations and recommendations.  Serves as a guide for the public and private to address the challenges,  opportunities  and responsibilities on how society's interaction with technology has changed and need for responsible privacy policies and data protections.

OTA Submits Comments to IAB Draft Standards

In response to the Interactive Ad Bureau’s release of the Standard Ad Unit Portfolio Draft can call for public comments, Online Trust Alliance (OTA) submits the following comments and recommendations.  Over the past decade, OTA has worked closely with leaders in the advertising supply chain, including publishers, advertisers and ad networks to increase the trust of online advertising.  Reflecting increased consumer distain for online advertising and usage of ad blockers, OTA recently released a white paper entitled “A Vision for Trustworthy Adverting”.  In this paper OTA call

The Role of Connected Devices in Recent Cyber Attacks

“Understanding the Role of Connected Devices in Recent Cyber Attacks” statement to the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce

Download the Paper >

Drones - Privacy Transparency & Accountability

This week a multi-stakeholder group convened by the U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA including the OTA and over 2-dozen organizations, released the "Best Practices for UAS Privacy, Transparency, and Accountably." This updated was released today in coordination with related announcements from the White House and FAA.  This document provides important guidelines for developers and operators to adopt responsible business and privacy practices, while promoting innovation.

OTA Response to NTIA IoT Request for Comments

June 1, 2016 -- OTA remains concerned about the long-term negative impact to consumer trust and confidence related to online services. Collectively the public and private sectors must move beyond a compliance mindset to becoming data stewards while respecting consumer choices and privacy. Unfortunately in all too many cases, in the rush to market, companies have disregarded these efforts resulting in a growing level of mistrust. In considering many of the questions raised in the RFC, OTA has drawn on its IoT Trust Framework -- 30 critical controls and criteria which serve as the foundation for a self-regulatory and certification program. Today, this Framework is being embraced by a wide range of organizations providing prescriptive and actionable advice for developers and service providers.....

OTA Response to FCC NPRM on Privacy and Broadband Providers

May 27, 2016 -- In response to the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making, (NPRM) to establish a set of regulations governing the data collection, use, and sharing practices of broadband Internet service providers (“Providers”), the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) submits this response. Providers have a unique role and responsibility as they have a comprehensive view of the online behavior for every home and business they serve. By focusing on Providers, the FCC has a timely opportunity to insure consumers and businesses have control over the collection, use and sharing of their personal and business data. Unlike choosing what web sites to visit, users have limited internet access options to choose from. Building and enhancing security and privacy into broadband services is critical to the resiliency of our economy and society. Left unchecked we risk chilling effects, disrupting business models, hampering the free exchange of ideas, and disproportionally disenfranchising segments of society.........

OTA Response to FCC on draft NPRM for Privacy and Broadband Providers

March 29, 2016 -- In response to your draft fact sheet and draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), regarding consumer control of data collection, use and sharing by broadband providers and wireless carriers (Providers), the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) provides the following comments. By focusing on Providers, the FCC has a unique and timely opportunity to shift control back to consumers. Unlike choosing what web sites to visit, consumers have few if any broadband options. In locations where such options are available to change Providers, the barriers and costs to change can be significant.  Consumers are paying for these services and should not be also be expected to pay in perpetuity with their personal and business data.

Senate Hearing - Hidden Hazards of Online Ads

May 15, 2014 - Craig Spiezle, Executive Director OTA testified before the the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI) regarding, “Online Advertising and Hidden Hazards to Consumer Security and Data Privacy." Led by Senator McCain, the PSI issued a formal staff report reflecting interviews with dozens of advertising and industry experts, reviewing data collection processes and security vulnerabilities that have inflicted significant costs on Internet users and American businesses.

OTA Publishes Vision for the Future of Internet of Things

Tue, Oct 18, 2016

White paper lays out an ecosystem built on trust and innovation, where benefits to society and commerce are realized by prioritizing security, privacy & safety

Austin, TX and Chicago  –Today global non-profit think tank The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) released the white paper entitled, "Internet of Things, a Vision for the Future." The white paper outlines the foundationa

FCC Advances  Meaningful Privacy Protections Benefiting Consumers, Innovation and Commerce

Thu, Oct 6, 2016

This week Federal Communication Commission Chairman Wheeler released a proposal for broadband privacy rules. This proposal reflects considerable input from a range of stakeholders over the past several months resulting in a balanced and a programmatic approach, empowering consumers.  We commend Chairman Wheeler for advancing  these privacy protections including helping insure consumers can afford to keep their personal information private.


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