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Interactive Marketing, Security & Privacy Communities Embrace OTA Audit & Honor Roll

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“The change in the buyer’s journey has created a new way for companies to engage and communicate online with prospective customers,” said David Fowler, Head of Privacy and Digital Compliance at Act-On. “At each interaction and across every touch point, engagement data is now collected, and as a result, privacy management becomes even more of a priority.  Act-On has made the OTA Honor Roll for three consecutive years – this not only validates our privacy and compliance commitment to our clients, but confirms our position as a thought leader in the industry.”  Press Release

"ACT | The App Association is honored to be recognized on the 2015 Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll. Representing more than 5,000 app makers and software companies, our members' success is founded on earning the trust of users. Today, consumers share sensitive health, education and financial information with mobile apps, making data privacy and security vital to our industry. We are thankful for OTA's leadership and guidance on data security and are proud to accept its 2015 award," said ACT President Jonathan Zuck.  

“As headlines are continually cluttered with news of cyberattacks, Agari is challenging the status quo with solutions that prevent hackers from stealing corporate data and consumers’ personal information,” said Patrick Peterson, CEO and founder of Agari “We’re honored to be included on the Online Trust Honor Roll again this year, and look forward to continuing our work with OTA to enhance cybersecurity.” 

"The digital marketing eco-system has provided a tremendous opportunity to proactively manage consumer relationships. As a result, privacy, security, and consumer protection are paramount to our business and our clients. The Honor Roll recognition from OTA is validation of our commitment to clients' privacy and CertainSource’s marketing industry leadership," said Neil Rosen, CEO of CertainSource.

“The increasing connectivity of every day consumer products associated with the Internet of Things introduces new security challenges that business and industry must proactively address with reliable identity authentication and encryption,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “We endorse the work of the OTA and continue to work alongside other industry leaders to help develop best practices and educate those responsible for security in their organizations about the steps they can take to protect against evolving threats. We’re honored to be recognized once again on the OTA Honor Roll for practicing what we advocate.”

“We’re honored to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance for the fourth year in a row for our continued commitment to providing brands with the tools to collect, own and act on consumer data in a manner that is consistent with international privacy laws,” said Josh Manion, CEO and founder, Ensighten. “Our Ensighten Privacy product delivers the best in consumer privacy protection by enabling brands to avoid data leakage from third-party applications and giving consumers centralized control of how their data is used.”

“At Epsilon, we take great pride in providing consumers with transparency and choice when it comes to how their data is collected and used for marketing purposes. We remain committed to investing our time and resources in best-in-class security, privacy practices and consumer protection,” said Jeanette Fitzgerald, Chief Privacy Officer at Epsilon. “The responsible use of data is integral to our business and to the entire economy and we are grateful that the Online Trust Alliance continues to celebrate leadership, best practices and self-regulation across the digital ecosystem.”

"At High-Tech Bridge we are proud that ImmuniWeb, our award-winning hybrid web security testing technology, is being used for OTA Honor Roll Scoring and Audit. The mission, the goals the and values of OTA are extremely important today, and shall be supported both by government and private sector," said Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge SA

“Trust is the foundation of business in the digital age, and brands that are proactive in protecting their customers as well as their brands see the benefits across the board,” said Te Smith, vice president, communications, MarkMonitor.  “The best practices espoused by the Online Trust Alliance are a blueprint for brands to demonstrate their commitment to data protection, security and privacy.”

"As online commerce and content consumption continue to increase, every brand and marketer must understand what it means to take their customer's data privacy seriously. The OTA is stewarding excellence in data privacy and security and we are honored to be among those leading the way in bringing awareness to these important topics. We make this a priority for Sailthru every year and I cannot underscore enough the value of all other brands doing so as well." - Caroline McCaffery, General Counsel, Sailthru

"We are honored to be recognized for the third consecutive year to this prestigious award. With the growing cybersecurity threat, data and website security are more important than ever. SiteLock is dedicated to keeping consumers safe while promoting online trust and privacy. We look forward to a continued partnership with the Online Trust Alliance in an effort to educate and protect online businesses and consumers", said Neill Feather, President of SiteLock.

“In addition to providing products and services for some of the OTA’s core best practices – SSL/TLS Certificates, Email Authentication, and Privacy – we eat our cooking and use these same products and services in our infrastructure.  We are pleased and honored to continue to have attained our scores via the OTA’s Audit and Honor Roll, and we encourage all our customers to do the same”, said Michael Brown, President and CEO, Symantec Corporation.

“We’re honored to be named to the OTA Honor Roll as we continue our commitment to privacy best practices,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe. “As more devices become connected in the IoT era, companies must proactively take steps to protect consumers and be transparent in how this vast amount of data is collected and used.  TRUSTe is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology to analyze and identify privacy-centric online retailers for inclusion in OTA’s Honor Roll while helping businesses navigate the emerging IoT market and build consumer trust.” TRUSTe blog >

“TrustSphere is committed to ensuring the reliability, security and integrity of email. Being named to the 2014 Online Trust Honor Roll is a tremendous recognition of our efforts in advancing this cause,” said Manish Goel, CEO of TrustSphere.  ”With our unique insight into the emerging cybersecurity threats and issues – particularly in the Asia-Pacific region – we recognize that collaborating with leading banks, commerce sites, government agencies and OTA members is key to ensuring a safer and more trustworthy experience for Internet users worldwide.”

“UnsubCentral is thrilled by the acknowledgment from the OTA Honor Roll list,” said Todd Boullion, VP and GM at PostUp and UnsubCentral. “We’re proud members of the OTA and the work the organization is doing to promote self-regulation. This accolade comes at an exciting time for our company as we prepare to bring to market our new system as well as other advances to the UnsubCentral platform.”

“Verisign is committed to the security, stability and resiliency of the Internet, and is honored to qualify for the OTA’s 2015 Honor Roll. As the online threat landscape continues to evolve, it is necessary for organizations to implement responsible data security practices. It’s a pleasure to partner with the OTA to raise awareness around these issues and continue our efforts in defending the Internet’s security,” said Danny McPherson, senior vice president and chief security officer at Verisign, and OTA Board member.