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IoT Comments to Draft Trust Framework

The following is a summary of public responses to the request for comments (RFC) for the draft IoT Trust Framework.  Note in addition to the submissions listed below, OTA has received additional submissions under NDA, which will be reviewed by the working group with the organization and author's name retracted to honor their request for confidentiality.  

While the deadline for submissions to be reviewed by the working group was September 21, 2015. Recognizing the evolving landscape and the need international input, the working group will continue to receive and review comments as the framework evolves. For information on submissions please click here.  Comments please email madelons@otalliance.org 

SubmitterOrganization Date Received
 Anonymous Industry Solution Provider9-21
 Ahmed Baig CISO Council9-28
 Dan Caprio The Providence Group9-17
 Josh Datko Cryptotronix, LLC9-19

Wesley George
Chris Rossenradd
Robert Seastrom

 Individuals 8-25
 Susan Grant Consumer Federation of America9-21
 Jeff Greene  Symantec Corporation9-21

 Gonda Lamberink

 Underwriters Laboratories (UL)9-19
 Jonathan Lampe  File Transfer Consulting9-8
 Stephen McCarney Arxan Technologies8-25
 Greg Norcie Center for Democracy & Technology9-15
 Sieuwert van Otterloo ICT Institute 9-4
 David Prokop TruMedicines8-17
Misael Joel Vera 

Mentari School Bintaro in Indonesia

 Brian Scriber CableLabs8-21
 Dale Smith PrivacyCheq9-13
 Harke Smits ICRT - International Consmer Research & Testing9-10
 Jeff Stollman  Secure Identity Consulting 8-22
 Justin C. Klien Keane ThingWorx, a PTC Business8-19
Beau Woods Stratigos Security  / I Am The Cavalry10-15