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2013 Honor Roll Support

Leading Companies Comment to Stewardship

Thu, Jun 6, 2013

Leading Brands, Social & eCommerce Sites Commit to Best Practices & Embrace Online Trust

"Through an ongoing process we have evolved our data security and privacy practices from one of compliance to one of stewardship" said Joseph Yanoska, Vice President, Technology, American Greetings. "We're honored by the recognition the OTA has given us, and are committed to support their efforts.  We share and embrace their approach to security and hope that is results in a higher level of trust from our customer base." 

“Being a trusted online retailer is something that is earned, not bought.  Trustworthiness is a cornerstone of Big Fish, and we take it into consideration with every business decision we make. We are proud that this effort shows through, and are incredibly honored to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance as a 2013 Top 10 Online Trust Honor Roll recipient,” Paul Thelen, Founder and CEO of Big Fish.  

"eHarmony is extremely honored to be selected an OTA Honor Roll recipient for the third year in a row.  We are committed to our members having a safe and positive experience. We are proud to be amongst companies recognized by OTA as leading the way to improve safety and build trust for online security to protect consumers", Grant Langston, VP of Customer Experience, eHarmony.

"Levenger is dedicated to providing its customers with quality products that have inspired productivity for decades.  Our commitment goes beyond our products to the privacy and security of our customers.  We are pleased to be named to OTA's Online Trust Honor Roll as one of the top 10 retailers, and recognize the significance of trust, privacy and security to maintain a strong brand and customer loyalty," said Donovan Campbell, Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Operations, Levenger

“We are proud to be part of such a valued organization. OTA’s mission to promote online trust and safety is critical for consumers, government agencies and business alike.   It is clear that OTA has and continues to drive meaningful impactful across the industry.  We believe the work we do through OTA is highly leveraged in driving awareness of industry issues and best practices.  We are honored to be recognized for the 3rd year in a row as a Trust Honor Roll recipient,” said John Scarrow, General Manager - Safety Services, Microsoft Corporation. 

“We are pleased to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance for demonstrating excellence in data and privacy protection and security. As an online business, we understand the value of brand integrity and trust and the significance it plays with customers who rely on us to protect their personal information. We appreciate the commitment of OTA to ensuring that data and privacy protection remains an important part of any successful consumer business," Sharon Williamson, Senior Counsel, Privacy and Consumer Protection at Netflix

"Publishers Clearing House is proud to be on the OTA Honor Roll for the third consecutive year. The Honor Roll demonstrates a commitment to the protection of our members and site visitors as well as a commitment to transparency and trust in the online marketplace. Publishers Clearing House applauds the banking, social and eCommerce sites that were named to the Honor Roll, as well as the OTA for its leadership and commitment to transparency and trust," said Sal Tripi, AVP Digital Operations & Compliance, Publishers Clearing House.

"Vitacost.com is committed to providing a secure environment for customers to safely transact," stated Jay Topper, Chief Information and Technology Officer. "We are pleased to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance as among the companies providing consumers with industry-leading best practices in terms of security, data protection and privacy."

"Twitter is pleased to have earned the top score on the OTA Honor Roll.  By supporting always-on-SSL, Do Not Track, DMARC, and most recently login verification, we aim to keep users connected securely to everything happening in the global town square," said Bob Lord, Director of Information Security, Twitter. 

“The 2013 report demonstrates many business leaders have recognized the need to move from compliance to stewardship.  This is critical to consumer trust and to help stem the call for more regulation.   The OTA Honor Roll provides perspective and actionable guidance to for businesses to move from a state of inaction to one which will enhance online trust and consumer protection,” said Craig Spiezle, president and executive director of the Online Trust Alliance, (OTA).  

Industry Honor Roll Recipients

“It is without question that privacy and consumer trust are paramount in today’s information age,” said Dave Fowler, Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer of  Act-On. “As a recipient of the OTA Honor Roll accolade, it is Act-On’s commitment to lead the corporate stewardship around this initiative to ensure safer online practices are met by SMBs and enterprises alike.”   

"At bounce.io we recognize the importance of implementing processes and controls to ensure secure systems, user privacy, and respect for user preferences.  While there are many benefits, none is more important than the trust that is created with our users.  The Online Trust Alliance supports us with clear direction and prescriptive advice on how to achieve this.  We are proud to meet the standards set by the Online Trust Alliance and to be recognized as a 2013 Recipient of the Online Trust Honor Roll,"  Tom Bartel, Founder & COO.

"Strong privacy practices are at the core of all comScore operations," said Chris Lin, Chief Privacy Officer at comScore. "We're proud to be part of the OTA Online Trust Honor Roll, and will continue to participate in conversations with organizations such as OTA about evolving best practices when it comes to privacy and data protection."   

“DigiCert is pleased to be named to the OTA Honor Roll for the third consecutive year as a recognition of our role in providing high-level security and privacy for our customer organizations as well as the people who rely upon them,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “Increasingly, enterprises are realizing the need to earn the trust of their customers by demonstrating a commitment to securing private information through deployment of high-assurance SSL certificates, e-mail authentication and other best practices. We join with our fellow OTA members in supporting increased awareness that leads to a safer internet.” 

“We are excited to be honored by the OTA as a member of the Honor Roll for a second year in a row,” said Josh Manion, founder and CEO of  Ensighten. “As the pioneer of the marketing agility platform that empowers enterprises to execute any marketing initiative, achieve one-to-one marketing and deliver exceptional customer experiences, we know that we must remain a leader in online trust and privacy practices. Our customers and partners continue to rely on our industry leading privacy technology as an integral part of their ability to personalize the privacy choices of each visitor they engage with.”

We’re honored to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance again this year for our commitment to keeping our clients’ and their customers’ information safe and secure,” said Chris Ray, Chief Information Security Officer at Epsilon. “We remain focused on protecting the integrity of marketing practices and increasing consumer trust through ongoing investment, development of resources and close collaboration with industry leaders and peers.”  

“The Honor Roll recognizes the importance and criticality of industry and business working together to advance best practices.  The Email Sender & Provider Coalition joins OTA in recognizing leading brands, banks and commerce sites for their efforts of enhancing security, privacy and trust in interactive marketing and email,” said Reed Freeman, Outside Counsel for the Email Service & Providers Coalition (ESPC) and partner at Morrison & Foerster.

We're very pleased to be on the Online Trust Honor Roll for 2013 which is a testament to our focus on information security and adherence to industry best practices," said Neil Rosen,  eWayDirect's CEO. "Our CertainSource and Calibr solutions provide B2C brands marketing automation tools that are enabling them to acquire new customers and triple-qualified prospects safely and cost-effectively, as well as engage with those customers using our enterprise email platform. Our focus on data protection, privacy, security, and best practices ensures our clients achieve optimal inbox delivery and enhance their online reputations." 

"GlobalSign is honored to be recognized for our leadership and security solutions by such a respected organization as OTA for the third year,” said Steve Waite, CEO GlobalSign Americas. “As a company we strive to help drive industry best practices so that organizations of all sizes may better protect themselves from the ever-evolving advanced persistent threats that have become all too common in today’s security landscape, We admire OTA’s work in advancing online trust through education and the advancement of best security practices, promoting a safer Internet for organizations and end users alike.” 

"High-Tech Bridge is honored to receive the prestigious OTA Honor Roll award for the second time this year. Our company shares the values and objectives promoted by Online Trust Alliance, such as global trust and security in the cyber space. We are committed to support OTA projects and initiatives, and this year we are especially proud that our new product ImmuniWeb® was used by OTA during Honor Roll scoring," said Ilia Kolochenko, CEO, High-Tech Bridge SA.  

“Our mission at Iconix is to increase trust in online interaction, especially in email, and we are proud to be recognized by OTA for the Online Trust Honor Roll for the second year in a row,” said Jose Picazo, CEO of ICONIX.  “We applaud and support the ongoing efforts to promote and implement technologies that will help improve users’ safety online and privacy.”

"The OTA’s Honor Roll program demonstrates their leadership in advocating for businesses to establish controls, policies and transparency when handling customer data.  The comprehensive audit measures a businesses’ efforts to comply with program requirements that benefit both the consumer and the businesses by establishing clear expectations and actions needed to maintain trust.  Intersections’ Identity Guard is proud to once again be named as a top trusted website for demonstrating exceptional data protection, privacy, and security," Tim Rohrbaugh Vice President, Information Security Intersections Inc.

"IID is extremely proud to be included in the 2013 Online Trust Honor Roll. Staying safe requires smarter and faster intelligence, collaboration and action than ever before. In order to keep the Internet secure, it is important for all businesses to do their part," said Lars Harvey, CEO, IID.

“Integral to creating and maintaining a powerful brand is defending the brand from abuse that might otherwise adversely affect consumers’ trust. At MarkMonitor, we believe a holistic approach—encompassing systematic prevention, detection and rapid response across all aspects of online brand abuse—is most effective at defending global brands.  We highly value the trust our customers place on our approach to safeguard their brands in digital channels,” said Frederick Felman, chief marketing officer, MarkMonitor. “We are honored to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance for the third year for our commitment towards online safety and consumer trust.”   

“Email remains a vital communication channel that businesses can leverage to acquire new customers and maintain existing relationships," said Ralph Lentz, chief revenue officer at Message Systems. “We strive to provide our customers with safe and secure digital messaging through the support of industry-wide initiatives such as DMARC. It is an honor to have our efforts recognized by the Online Trust Alliance.”  

“We are excited and pleased that the Online Trust Alliance has recognized our data protection and privacy efforts as it is critical for companies to take a holistic view of security and privacy in today’s evolving risk landscape,” said Carolyn Holcomb, national leader of PwC's Data Protection and Privacy practice. “Keeping up with the nonstop stream of changing technology and uses of information can be a daunting task and our team is committed to helping clients design and implement comprehensive information security and privacy programs to protect the personal data they collect, thereby avoiding potential reputational risks.” 

Every business needs to be taking proactive steps to protect its brands and its customers from malicious activity. Return Path is very proud to be on the OTA Honor Roll as a company that is leveraging current best practices around cyber security to protect our customers and our brand. We commend the OTA for their work to evaluate company’s security and privacy practices to raise the bar for all businesses to help protect the email channel from cybercrime,” said Matt Blumberg, CEO, Return Path, Inc.

“We are honored to be included in the OTA 2013 Trust Honor Roll.  As a founding member of the OTA anti-malvertisement working group, we have been working diligently with OTA and other industry leaders to advance best practices in Risk Intelligence for online security,” said Elias Manousos, co-founder and CEO of RiskIQ. “Our mission is to help enterprises proactively monitor their online risk exposure, and to provide awareness and visibility into unknown, emerging threats to their web and mobile assets.”

"With our company foundation in website security for small businesses, we recognize the importance of building online trust for our customers and their clients,“ says Neill Feather, President of SiteLock. “We are proud to be recognized as an example of a company dedicated to keeping the online experience safe, protecting visitor data, and promoting online trust, security and privacy. We are delighted and grateful to be named to the OTA Online Trust Honor Roll."

“Symantec Website Security Solutions shares the goals and principles of the Online Trust Alliance, an organization promoting industry best practices and education to help protect users and increase online trust. We're proud to be named on their Honor Roll a third year in a row,”  Tom Powledge, Vice-President of Trust Services Symantec.  

“The OTA’s annual Online Trust Honor Roll report does more than acknowledge the companies with the best practices for ensuring security and privacy, it encourages all companies  to continually improve their infrastructure, policies and practices to counter today’s threats and to stay ahead of emerging threats.  The threat landscape is continually changing as savvy cybercriminals devise increasingly sophisticated attacks and the Online Trust Honor Roll identifies the innovative leaders that companies should emulate,” said Manish Goel, OTA board member and CEO of TrustSphere

“It is a great honor to be recognized by the OTA on its annual Online Trust Honor Roll,” said VivaKi CEO Frank Voris. “At VivaKi, we hold transparency, trust and consumer and brand safety with the utmost respect and try to instill these things in everything we do. We are fortunate to have industry leaders like the OTA reinforcing standards that protect consumer privacy and inspire organizations to work harder to establish guidelines and practices that ensure online trust."

About OTA: 

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) is a non-profit with the mission to enhance online trust and user empowerment while promoting innovation and the vitality of the Internet. Its goal is to help educate businesses, policy makers and stakeholders while developing and advancing best practices and tools to enhance the protection of users' security, privacy and identity. OTA supports collaborative public-private partnerships, benchmark reporting, and meaningful self-regulation and data stewardship. Its members and supporters include leaders spanning the public policy, technology, ecommerce, social networking, mobile, email and interactive marketing, financial, service provider, government agency and industry organization sectors.