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2014 Data Privacy Day & Breach Readiness Guide Supporters

Wed, Jan 22, 2014

Data Privacy & Protection Day
“Businesses and organizations have a responsibility to protect consumer privacy and prevent data breaches from aggressive cyber thieves,” said Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. “Consumers deserve to know who they can trust. The Online Trust Alliance arms organizations with critical information to reduce cyber risk and protect consumers.”

Program Underwriters
“Empowering users and educating businesses to me more proactive in developing best practices aligns perfectly with BBB’s goal to protect the security, privacy and identities of the people in the communities we serve,” says Tyler Andrew, CEO of BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. “The Better Business Bureau is proud to support Online Trust Alliance and its efforts to enhance online trust.”

“comScore is delighted to once again partner with the Online Trust Alliance to mark Data Privacy Day. In today’s digital world, data has become a vital asset for many companies. Because of this, it’s critical for all businesses to uphold the highest privacy standards along with safeguards to protect consumers’ information. We look forward to engaging with the broader privacy and legal communities through events such as Data Privacy Day to discuss and evolve these standards,"  Gian Fulgoni, Chairman of comScore Inc. www.comscore.com

"With all the talk of big data, what matters most is the little data - the personal information of all the consumers who trust that we will do whatever it takes to protect the personal data they entrust to our care. Once again the OTA is leading the charge, providing businesses with practical and actionable advice to help protect consumers", Neal O’Farrell, Executive Director, Identity Theft Council.  https://www.identitytheftcouncil.org/

“Data breaches are nothing new and have been around for quite some time; however, what we are seeing is a significant increase in incidents that not only harm consumers, but businesses as well, leading to a breakdown in consumer trust,” said Tim Rohrbaugh, VP of Information Security for Intersections Inc. and OTA Board Member. “Having a rigid, black and white approach to security controls and monitoring and being unprepared for an incident will cost businesses more in the end. These town halls are a great venue for business leaders in all sectors to come together and share best practices in improving security controls, customer data management, and data breach incident reporting." www.intersection.com 

“Data protection and privacy are board room and C-suite issues today.  As consumers ask more questions about whether their personal information is secure and used appropriately, companies are increasingly focused on protecting data and ensuring that they meet regulatory requirements.  Regulators are paying close to attention to how organizations are protecting employee and consumer information and are urging companies to be more proactive.  We recommend that companies carefully consider how they are keeping the privacy promises they make to both their employees and consumers and ensure that their people, processes, and technology are designed to keep those promises, thereby building trust in the marketplace".  Carolyn Holcomb - Partner & Leader, PwC Data Protection & Privacy Practice   www.pwc.com

"Each day, data creation grows and with that, so to does risk. Consumers trust businesses and their technology partners with their most sensitive information and their dollars are increasingly flowing where they feel confident and secure. Both for our clients and brands at large, we believe in the importance of data privacy and proactive protection as well as adhering to an opt-in only policy. Every customer should be able to opt-out of a brand relationship and have it honored, cross-device, until they decide otherwise. With that in mind, OTA is facilitating and leading a very necessary discussion on the concerns of consumers today and how businesses can best address them. We look forward to these open lines of communications between technology platforms, government regulators and others." - Neil Capel, Founder and CEO, Sailthru. www.sailthru.com

"Building consumer trust is critical to the vitality of online businesses. By joining forces with the Online Trust Alliance, we hope to educate businesses on consumer concerns about data collection and outline steps to help them build online confidence and trust.” Chris Babel, chief executive officer of TRUSTe www.truste.com

Data Privacy and Protection Day Supporters
"With recent highly publicized data breaches, we are witnessing the unveiling of a new round in cyber war and the bad guys are winning," said Agari Founder & CEO Patrick Peterson. "If your company’s information has been compromised, the breach itself is not the end of the damage that can be inflicted but rather is just the beginning.  OTA’s best practices add in the fight of phishing and securing data. Taking the right steps to respond to breaches as they occur, including securing your company's email channel to protect consumers' personal information, is critical to minimizing the aftermath."  http://agari.com/

"What continues to be most startling is the degree to which the severity of these breaches is within our control.  Obviously these breaches are the work of bad guys but it's up to the good guys to mitigate their severity to promote trust online. The small businesses that represent the majority of the mobile app industry rely on our larger brethren to preserve and enhance that trust. OTA's Data Breach Guide is an essential tool to help small businesses protect their customers while developing new and innovative products and services," said Jonathan Zuck, president of ACT. http://actonline.org/

Our online services ecosystem continues to prosper and grow, yet at the same time, data theft and other threats to our privacy and security continue with alarming vigor.  It has never been more apparent and critical for businesses to arm themselves and build in proper safeguards and protections for business, system and user data.  Data Privacy Data is an annual reminder of the hurdles we face and the opportunities that exist to meet them.  bounce.io relies upon the expertise of the Online Trust Alliance for support, guidance and resources, to meet these challenges." Tom Bartel, Founder and COO.  https://bounce.io/

 "The interesting point of all data protection regulation is that encryption insulates you from all liability when your data is encrypted effectively.  By definition, loss of encrypted data is not a data breach.  I'd like to urge companies reading about Data Privacy Day and the OTA's 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide to ask themselves whether there is any better safe harbor than good data encryption?", said Ben Wilson, SVP Industry Relations DigiCert.  www.digicert.com

"OTA's 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide is an essential tool for ensuring the protection and privacy of consumer data. As organizations seek to provide differentiated and personalized consumer experiences by collecting, owning and activating cross-channel consumer data, they must do so in a prudent and careful manner, which does not put data privacy — and their own reputation — at risk. The OTA Guide provides an intuitive framework for building and sustaining consumer trust.” Josh Manion, Founder and CEO,  Ensighten.  http://www.ensighten.com/

“OTA has quantified what most of us have known in our guts; data breaches are occurring more than ever and there are simple steps available to prevent the majority of them from happening. From our experience, most of these breaches are being carried out with the essential assistance of intelligence traded on sophisticated criminal underground exchanges, and we must form the our own exchange networks for "good guys" to use in controlled, trusted environments or else this cycle will continue.  This is challenging to do if consumers don't trust companies to handle their data properly, so we all need to agree and adhere to best practices for handling attack data without compromising privacy.  Very doable, but messaging and walking the talk are critical.” Rod Rasmussen, IID President and CTO. http://internetidentity.com/

"As a Data Privacy Day Champion, Listrak continues to encourage our clients to get involved, stay informed, and take consumer privacy concerns seriously,” said James Koons, Listrak’s Chief Privacy Officer. “Marketers really need to understand what role consumer privacy concerns play in their brand marketing strategies. Data privacy has never been more important than in today's environment.  OTA’s practical and prescriptive guidance in the 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide should be considered by every business." www.listrak.com

“Online Trust and brand protection are essential for the vitality of ecommerce and the internet.  Mark Monitor supports OTA’s efforts to accelerate best practices to help protect consumer data and businesses to enhance their security from rising threats of cybercrime, brand deception and online fraud,” Frederick Felman, Chief Marketing Officer, MarkMonitor, www.markmonitor.com 

"With the rapid proliferation of advanced mobile devices and new digital messaging channels, individuals and businesses have never been more vulnerable to data breaches,” said Ralph Lentz, Chief Revenue Officer at Message Systems. “We applaud the OTA for publishing the 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide, which provides specific guidance on the technologies and practices organizations need to adopt in order to safeguard their data and protect consumer privacy."  www.messagesystems.com

As cybercriminals tactics evolve with increased precision and impact, it underscores the need for businesses to embrace best practices.  Data privacy and security can no longer be an option and business, industry and government must work together to protect consumer trust.  OTA’s guidance is actionable for businesses of all sizes,"  said John Scarrow, General Manager, Microsoft Safety Services.  www.microsoft.com

“Consumers and businesses are both victims of rapidly escalating hacking attacks, and as stewards of consumer data it’s incumbent on businesses to adopt best practices to help protect consumers from harm,” said Craig Spiezle, executive director and president of the Online Trust Alliance. “Those companies that fail to do so need to be held accountable, by consumers, regulators and stockholders.”

"As data centric businesses and technology solutions continue to transform the enterprise, data protection becomes a business imperative.  The ability to not only protect the data that drives the business but also be entrusted by customers and consumers to obtain, store, and use that information becomes paramount," said Raymond Umerley Vice President, Chief Data Protection Officer, Pitney Bowes.  "Together with the Online Trust Alliance, Pitney Bowes is excited to share our extensive security experience and establish education and awareness programs to better prepare other organizations in protecting their business and customers."  www.pb.com

“As marketers we know that maintaining a customer or member's trust is critical to our long-term success and the overall appeal of our brand. So taking the necessary steps to protect the data consumers share with providers has to be a priority for every business that gathers information and data across multiple channels.  That's why we support the principles and best practices articulated by the OTA.” Andy Goldberg, President and CEO of Publishers Clearing House www.pch.com

Return Path collects and analyzes more email data than any other company in the world and therefore data privacy is cornerstone to our business. We value the work that OTA has done in spotlighting this critical area through Data Privacy Day and providing straight forward guidelines for every business that handles consumer data through their 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide. Matt Blumberg, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of Return Path http://www.returnpath.com/

“SiteLock works with millions of business owners to protect their websites. As such, we recognize how crucial data privacy is to customer trust and brand loyalty. And with so many massive, public data breaches this past year, consumers are more concerned about privacy than ever before. We are proud supporters of the OTA, and continue to applaud their dedication to privacy education and important awareness-raising events like Data Privacy Day." - Neill Feather, President, SiteLock. www.sitelock.com

“Today’s businesses operate in a data-centric world where information is exchanged in all directions and through a multitude of channels. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, the pressing need for companies to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals has become even more critical. The OTA's Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide helps prepare businesses and organizations with the education and tips needed to enhance best practices for information protection.” - Donald Closser, Vice President for Information Security at Symantec Corporation.  www.symantec.com

“Today, more so than ever, protecting individual privacy is pressing global issue. When a consumer shares their personal data with a company whom they trust, it is incumbent upon such a company to reciprocate that trust by vigorously protecting the individual’s private data. Companies must adopt best practices to prevent or mitigate data breaches and must ‘walk the talk' when it comes to data stewardship" said Manish Goel, CEO of TrustSphere. “To do otherwise risks compromising the fabric of trust upon which the entire internet economy is based. We applaud OTA’s efforts in enhancing consumer privacy, promoting innovation and empowering consumers."  www.trustsphere.com

“OTA’s Data Privacy Day and 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide are key steps in raising awareness of the growing cyber threats facing organizations and individuals,” said Danny McPherson, chief security officer for Verisign.  “As a steward of the Internet’s global DNS infrastructure, Verisign is committed to maintaining its security and stability.  Due to changes in the threat environment, traditional mechanisms to defend an organization against data breaches are no longer enough.  OTA’s Data Privacy Day highlights that a holistic cyber threat intelligence approach is critical for protecting networks and computer systems, as well as the long term business interests that rely on those systems.”  www.verisigninc.com