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Data Privacy & Protection Day - Virtual Press Room

Mon, Jan 12, 2015

2015 Data Privacy & Protection Day  (DpD) - Supporting quotes from leaders in public policy, privacy and security, pledging commitment to responsible privacy practices, end-to-end security, data stewardship and meaningful self-regulation. 

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Privacy stewardship must be the central essence of any organization’s digital DNA. We continue to see organizations affected negatively by breaches, leaks, and short-sighted mismanagement of their crucial asset: the customer’s personal, private data, which should be sacred. Act-On Software wholeheartedly supports the Online Trust Alliance’s commitment to ensure a digital marketplace that fosters commitment, ethics, responsibility, and continued focus on the issues that – unless proactively managed – will create a lack of trust and confidence, seriously compromising our channel for all parties. The Data Privacy Day is a tremendous opportunity to gather information and share in the discussion with privacy professionals, law enforcement and industry leaders alike, to foster communication and define common ground to ensure the long-term viability of our digital ecosystems. - David Fowler, Head of Digital Compliance, Act-On Software.

In today’s connected world, data now drives both business opportunities and strategy. Loss of data – or, in the case of consumers, usage of data for reasons other than what was communicated – can seriously jeopardize a company’s reputation with both consumers and the public. Meanwhile those companies able to articulate their use and strategy around data often see the potential recognized in their market valuations. With our foundation in business critical communications, Brunswick’s Corporate Data Security and Privacy practice is led by senior counselors from business, government, journalism, capital markets and the law. We have direct experience in helping companies navigate the constantly evolving issues surrounding privacy expectations, data security and innovation opportunities. Brunswick Group is thrilled to take part in the 2015 Data Privacy & Protection Day, and is proud to partner with the Online Trust Alliance to help prioritize data privacy and protection as issues all of us have to be thinking seriously about– Mark Seifert, Partner, Brunswick Group

"The Online Trust Alliance effectively brings together private and public sector experts on data privacy and protection, helping to create the ideas and actionable initiatives for improved protection of businesses and consumers.  Bryan Cave is pleased to partner with the OTA, bringing the New York business community a NYC Data Privacy & Protection Day Town Hall designed to create dialogue, raise challenges and unlock new ideas and solutions." Jena Valdetero, partner Bryan Cave LLP.

“With the ever-growing list of connected objects sharing personal data, it’s more important than ever that organizations prioritize online trust and data protection in order to safeguard the security and privacy of their customers. We support OTA’s efforts to educate about the importance of data stewardship and following best practices in order to stem the tide of data breaches, most of which are preventable with the use of existing technology and stringent security practices that include incumbent authentication and encryption,” said Ben Wilson, VP Industry Relations, DigiCert.

"Epsilon is pleased to support OTA's 2015 Data Privacy & Protection Day Town Hall. Privacy professionals from around the world are pausing to remind governments, businesses, and individuals of the importance of respecting data privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust. I am honored to participate in OTA's NYC event that promises to help businesses renew their commitment to creating consumer centric practices that further industry self-regulation." Jeanette Fitzgerald, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Epsilon

We wholeheartedly support OTA’s efforts that coincide with Data Privacy & Protection Day to raise awareness about what businesses, governments and consumers can do to stay safe online. The last year has shown us that online data privacy and protection isn’t just a technology issue, it’s a social and business problem. While there’s no wall that can be put up to stop data breaches, ensuring organizations know about the latest relevant threats and can put that intelligence easily into action is essential.” Rod Rasmussen, President and CTO at IID

"As we kick off 2015, privacy and data security needs to be a central focus for digital marketers", said James Koons, Chief Privacy Officer of Listrak.  "The constant occurrence of data breaches should be on everyone's mind.  Numerous polls and surveys show indication of waning consumer trust in the past year in light of the increased incidents.  It is clear that we need to move beyond simply checking off best practices.  We need to make privacy a core part of our culture and exhibit stewardship by operating under an ethic that embodies the responsible management consumer data.  Listrak stands with the Online Trust Alliance in it's mission to foster trust in the online world, educate and empower organizations, and have open dialogues with regulators around privacy and data security.  Data Privacy Day Town Hall Meetings are a great example of how OTA is leading this charge."

"Every day, consumers and the brands they love are becoming more aware of the impact of data breaches on lives, livelihoods and business successes. Without a priority on data privacy and protection as well as actionable advice and prescriptive guidance from those like OTA, the potential damage to long-term consumer trust and brand loyalty will be debilitating to businesses as they seek to capitalize on growing online audiences and the dollars that follow their digital attention. Sailthru is proud to stand alongside other invested parties from Symantec to Act-On as our industry aims to elevate the conversation among businesses and with regulators as we collectively strive to best protect consumers and instill confidence." Caroline McCaffery, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Sailthru. 

“SiteLock is excited to help the OTA bring awareness to Data Privacy and protection for the business community,” says Neill Feather, President of SiteLock.  “It’s no secret that website security compromises are increasing and damaging the good names that businesses have worked so hard to maintain.  These events can help the entire industry share best practices and thwart dangerous cybercriminal efforts.” SiteLock Press Release >  SiteLock Blog

"As an organization concerned with and committed to security in the interest of the long-term public good, StopBadware often considers rigorous data protection practices to be a litmus test for whether a company truly respects its customers. Prioritizing transparency and consumer safety is undeniably smart business, but more importantly, it's just the right thing to do. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from taking Data Privacy & Protection Day as an opportunity to evaluate their security and privacy standards."  Bryan Gulachenski, Executive Director, StopBadware

Symantec maintains a strong and long-held belief that the infrastructure underlying essential Internet functions should be trustworthy. We have earned the trust of consumers, businesses and governments alike by incorporating privacy across our products and processes and by fostering a culture of compliance that promotes integrity and the highest standards of ethical behavior at Symantec. As the Internet industry continues to evolve its approaches to disrupting cybercrime, the Online Trust Alliance’s 2015 Data Privacy & Protection Day presents a valuable opportunity to advance the dialogue on how to deliver the necessary protections without undermining the trust on which the Internet and its underlying technology have been built. - Tim Fitzgerald, VP and Chief Security Officer, Symantec

“Now that the industry has embraced the Internet of Things and connected devices, consumers want to learn and understand how their personal data is being used and companies are beginning to take notice. Thus, organizations are continuing to make privacy a company-wide focus and key priority across all areas of business. By teaming up with the Online Trust Alliance for Data Privacy Day, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to helping businesses protect consumer data and provide choice and transparency when it comes to the use of their personal information. ” – Chris Babel, CEO, TRUSTe 

“Organizations and individuals face the challenge of preventing data breaches every day. As attacks grow in size and frequency, the need for protecting consumer data is no longer optional, it is a necessity,” said Danny McPherson, chief security officer for Verisign. “Verisign is a steward of the Internet’s global DNS infrastructure and is dedicated to ensuring its security, stability and resiliency. OTA’s Data Privacy & Protection Day offers great educational resources on how to get ahead of attacks, and Verisign continues to support OTA’s commitment to responsible data practices.”

“Consumer trust has been tarnished by the recent Sony, Staples and Home Depot breaches, among others. These intrusions are a continual reminder of the criticality of data privacy and protection,” said Craig Spiezle, OTA Executive Director. “Considering over 90 percent of breaches in 2014 were avoidable, every employee – from the boardroom to the backroom – has a responsibility to embrace privacy and security practices on behalf of consumers. The upcoming Data Privacy and Protection Day events are a timely reminder for companies to reexamine their data collection and security practices in order to help prevent, detect, contain and respond to an incident. OTA is committed to helping companies protect their brand reputation.”

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