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Industry Support of Email Integrity Best Practices

Wed, Aug 6, 2014
Industry support & testimonies of email authentication best practices to help protect consumer's data, privacy and identity.

Businesses and Government Failing Fight Against Spear Phishing and Deceptive Emails

Wed, Aug 6, 2014
Businesses and Government Failing Fight Against Spear Phishing and Deceptive Emails 91.7 percent fail to provide adequate email security

Multi-stakeholder IoT Initiative and Tech Working Group Announced by TRUSTe with CDT, Future of Privacy Forum and OTA To Help Enhance Consumer Privacy

Thu, Jul 10, 2014

San Francisco – At the first Internet of Things Privacy Summit in Silicon Valley, California today, TRUSTe announced the formation of a multi-stakeholder IoT Privacy Tech Working Group to identify the technical standards and best practices necessary to help enhance consumer privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT). The goal of this Working Group is to evaluate the current technical standards and specifications impacted by the IoT and identify which standards bodies and consortia are ........

2014 Online Trust Honor Roll - Only 30% Make The Grade

Wed, Jun 11, 2014

Only 30.2% of Top Consumer Websites Rated Trustworthy. American Greetings, Netflix, Twitter and Walmart Take Top Scores. OTA announced today the results of its 2014 Online Trust Audit. Out of nearly 800 top consumer websites evaluated, 28.8 percent made the Honor Roll, distinguishing themselves by safeguarding data via best practices in three categories: domain/brand protection, privacy and security. Conversely, a disappointing 69.8 percent didn’t qualify for the Honor Roll with 52.7 percent failing in at least one of the three categories.

OTA Issues Public Support of Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014

Wed, Jun 4, 2014
OTA today issued public support of S. 2171, the "Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014”. S. 2171 is an important bill to help ensure consumer protection, while not stifling legitimate usage or innovation by business or law enforcement. It includes important changes reflecting input of industry and consumer stakeholders, notably liability cap and increased flexibility in compliance mechanisms. Equally as important are the provisions preserving the rights of State Attorney Generals in enforcing any stronger, state statute. We endorse the Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014 and urge others to support this critical bill. Share your thoughts and feedback.

Mobile Best Practices & Code of Conduct

Mon, Jun 2, 2014
Seattle, WA - OTA today submitted to the Federal Trade Commission recommendations to increase data security and trustworthiness of mobile applications. OTA outlined four key areas for a code of conduct including; 1) Secure by Design Platforms, 2) Secure Distribution Channels, 3) Secure Development Practices and 4) Secure Lifecycle Standards.

OTA Provides Expert Testimony to U.S. Senate on The Threats of Malicious Advertising

Thu, May 15, 2014

Washington DC - OTA Executive Director and President Craig Spiezle testified today before the U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, outlining the risks of malicious advertising, and possible solutions.

OTA Announces Methodology For 2014 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll

Wed, Mar 26, 2014
Seattle, Washington - The Online Trust Alliance, today announced the methodology behind the forthcoming 2014 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll, evaluating leading websites and mobile applications. This marks the fifth consecutive year OTA has conducted its Honor Roll Audit and Honor Roll report.

Online Trust Alliance Finds Data Breaches Spiked to Record Level in 2013

Wed, Jan 22, 2014

Seattle, Washington - The Online Trust Alliance (OTA),  the non-profit with the mission to enhance online trust, user empowerment and   innovation, today recommended a series of best practices to help prevent online data breaches and other exploits, in collaboration with high-profile brands including American Greetings Interactive, AVG, Microsoft, Publishers Clearing House and Symantec. These recommendations, released today in OTA’s 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide, were accompanied by several eye-opening statistics.

2014 Data Privacy Day & Breach Readiness Guide Supporters

Wed, Jan 22, 2014
New York City, NY - “Businesses and organizations have a responsibility to protect consumer privacy and prevent data breaches from aggressive cyber thieves,” said Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. “Consumers deserve to know who they can trust. The Online Trust Alliance arms organizations with critical information to reduce cyber risk and protect consumers.”