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Jun 16, 2017

As our "smart" homes fill up with internet-connected devices, the risk grows that hackers will find weak points in our networks, steal our data and hijack our lives. What should we be doing about it? Craig Spiezle, head of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) at the Internet Society, says: "Expecting a home user to be a security expert is not reasonable.

Jun 2, 2017

By some accounts, there are more than 200 variants of ad-blocking solutions, many of which utilize whitelisting that allows certain ads through when they adhere to specific rules. While an ad blocker that doesn’t block all ads may sound like an oxymoron, I argue that whitelisting may be critical for the long-term sustainability of ad-supported services.

Jun 1, 2017
Dark Reading

What happens now that the Online Trust Alliance - which includes Microsoft, Symantec, Twitter, and other big names - will be under the umbrella of the global Internet organization?

May 31, 2017
SC Magazine

Reaction was swift and vociferous last year when note-taking app Evernote announced a revised privacy policy that allowed employees to read users' content in order to test and support new machine-learning and automation capabilities.  Such are the pitfalls encountered by digital developers, web services providers and Internet of Things manufacturers as they strive to stay competitive, cool and cutting-edge.

May 31, 2017
Dark Reading

For once, a bit of relatively good news in cybercrime: online ad fraud losses to corporate advertisers fell 10 percent this year even with an increase in digital ad spending. That's the finding of a new study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and security firm White Ops, which tracked online ad traffic patterns of 49 ANA members, many of whom represent some of the nation's largest companies, as well as other digital

May 2, 2017
San Diego Union Tribune

"All of this technology is wonderful and makes life more pleasurable. But you need to know what you’re doing with it to use it safely.”  Lieberman was alluding to the fact that many IoT devices have little or no security. “I own a smart phone and that's it,” said Bruce Higgins of City Heights. “People buy  these devices and think they are a toy.

Apr 13, 2017

The online retail giant is teaming up with the semiconductor firm NXP to help put voice recognition technology in an array of gadgets—starting in your home. But is security but is user authentication the missing link? 

Apr 11, 2017
IoT Institute

The safety risks of the Internet of Things grow by the day, but regulation and self-policing both have shortcomings.  On the morning of September 29, 1982, a twelve-year-old girl in the Chicago suburbs woke up feeling sick. Instead of going to school, she says home and takes a Tylenol early in the morning. She dies shortly after that.

Apr 11, 2017
CSO Magazine

Last week's roll-back of FCC privacy regulations was good news for ISPs and marketers and bad news for privacy advocates. But the decision could also have an impact on enterprise cybersecurity, experts say. The FCC privacy rules repeal does not actually make the privacy situation worse, since the proposed rules hadn't gone into effect yet.  But it may inspire ISPs to expand their data collection efforts

Apr 6, 2017

The Online Trust Alliance will merge with the Internet Society in an effort to better fight against privacy and security challenges, like the repeal of the Federal Communications Commissions' broadband privacy rules, GeekWire reports. "By working together, OTA’s vision and mission will be sustained and amplified with the resources, reach and stature of the Internet Society,” said OTA President Craig Spiezle.