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46% of IRS Free e-file Sites Receive Failing Grades
Tax Payers Need to Think Before Filing

In early February 2016, OTA commissioned an audit of the 13 IRS "approved" free file e-file tax sites for compliance against auditing methodology developed by the Online Trust Alliance. The audit evaluated the IRS Free File e-file services against both OTA's 2016 Online Trust Audit methodology as well as the IRS's security mandates with data analysis running from February 2 through February 18.*

Overview Briefing Deck (March 8, 2016)    Recorded Webinar (YouTube March 8, 2016)

Click for the 2016 eFile Audit Report


2016 Free File e-file Audit & Honor Roll (PDF)

e-File Press Release (February 24, 2016)

WSJ Breaking Story - Six of 13 IRS-Approved Tax Preparers Fail Cybersecurity Test 

Webinar Briefing - March 8th - 8 AM & 3 PM PST.

Tips to Help Keep Safe During Tax Season (Consumer Advisory)

Tips for Businesses & Tax Filing Professionals

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* Note while there are hundreds of other e-file tax sites and providers, for the context of this research the term “e-file” refers only to the 13 free e-file sites listed on IRS.gov