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Malicious Threats

Malicious threats continue to undermine online trust, compromising web sites, mobile apps, email as well as syndicated content and online advertising.  OTA working groups and member committees work across the ecosystem to address such threats including botnets, DDoS attacks and threats to the content publishing and advertising supply chain.  Efforts include blocking and detecting malicious email, spear phishing and malvertising.  

As users continue to migrate to mobile devices and become increasingly depended on mobile applications, OTA is working with the mobile app community to develop mobile security and privacy best practices.  OTA and our members work closely with the threat intelligence, law enforcement and security communities to facilitate data sharing, best practices and the advancement of technical solutions. 

Dec 15, 2018
SC Media

We hear horror stories about users clicking on some malware-enabled payload and suddenly all of the codes for their hardware security fobs are stolen or a business email compromise (CEO fraud) attack has been launched. Unfortunately, these stories are true. Phishing and its cousins—spear phishing, vishing, smishing, pharming, and whaling—are all serious security concerns, but are they cyber-Armageddon? This special report focuses on the realities of phishing and recommends defenses you can use to reduce your risk and make it a less profitable business for the attackers.

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