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Site Vulnerability & Bug Reports

OTA is committed to the adoption of security and privacy best practices.  Recognizing the evolving threat landscape, we welcome responsible and coordinated disclosures to help improve the security of our site.   Please allow 72 hours for an intial reply and initiate investigations and risk assessments.    Note unless requested otherwise by the submitter, after investigation and resolution, we will provide affirmation to confirmed and resolved reports.

Information Required

  1. Contact info (email, phone number and time zone) and organization affiliation
  2. Date and time of observation
  3. Browser and device type use (PC/ MAC - Mobile (iPhone / Android)
  4. Link to page(s)
  5. Screenshot
  6. Any other data that might assist us

Email to admin @ otalliance.org with Bug report in subject line.  (Note this alias is monitored Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM PST)

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